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Brief Description:

Ultimate Surrender is a very competitive female on female nude wrestling site. Wrestlers wrestle, to put their opponents into submission holds, and holds that make their opponent helpless. While helpless the wrestler in control earns (style) points by fingering and fondling the helpless wrestler, the helpless wrestler earns (shame) points at the same time. Style and shame points follow a wrestlers career, on their permanent record. The winner decides how loser gets fucked in the last round.

Ultimate Surrender’s Prime Directive:

All submission attempts will be done is a slow and steady manner. (i.e. If you have your opponent in a back breaker you will pull back slowly for submission. If you have leg scissors on, you will squeeze slowing for the submission) Failure to do this can result in severe injury. Any injury due to not following this rule will get a wrestler disqualified for the match, and possibly banned from US.

The following are not permitted:

NO ANGER OR RAGE: Sportsmanship and respect to your opponent will be shown at all times. We are here to have fun.

NO punching, biting, pinching, choking, hair pulling, hitting, slapping, kicking.
NO standing.
NO arm bars, bending of arms, wrists, fingers, feet, knees, and legs to get a submission.
KEEP laughing, and, giggling, to a minimum. This is a serious competition.
The Wrestler on bottom cannot lock her own hands or wrists as a defensive stalling move.

A wrestler on her back can not lock her legs around her opponent in a stalling maneuver to keep her opponent from “moving up the body” However the wrestler on her back can lock the legs and go for a maneuver to gain control. If no control is gained the lock must be removed after 5 seconds.


Control: When one wrestler has the other in a wrestling hold, and that wrestler is helpless to escape at the moment.

Submission: When one wrestler says the word “SUBMIT” the hold they are being subjugated to ends. NO submission points will be awarded until after control is kept for over one minute.

Control Points: 3pts are awarded for every 30 seconds in control, to a max of 1min 30 sec. Then the wrestlers will be separated to start again if a submission did not take place. One control point equals 1 point for determining over all winner.

Style points: Style points are awarded to a wrestler IN CONTROL that performs special actions. One style point equals 2 points for determining over all winner.

Shame Points: The opposite of Style points, these points tell the world that you got Pwnd. Very Humiliating to have. Style and Shame points follow you your entire career.

Toughness points: Are awarded to a wrestler who does not submit to a submission attempt. Points are awarded by judgment of the referee up to 10 points can be awarded for and given submission attempt. These points do not count in the over all score of the match.

Winning and losing: At the end of the match Control points and Style points (x2) will be added together. The wrestler with the most points is the winner. In case of a tie the winner of the arm wrestling competition will be the winner. If that is a draw, then wrestler with highest style, if that is tied, then highest control. If all of these breakers are a tie, then a flip of the coin will determine winner.


Featherweight = 90 – 115 lbs.
Lightweight = 116 – 130 lbs.
Welterweight = 131+ lbs.


The match consists of 3 wrestling rounds and one “sex round”. Each round is 8 minutes long. A wrestler is allowed 1 time out per match. Time out = 2 minute break on the mat.

Definition of round One: 8 minutes

Arm wrestling contest in middle of mat, winner gets 5 toughness points. Wrestlers break and begin wrestling. You may remove the panties in this round.

Definition of round two: 8 minutes

Point leader of round one will pick a number (1 or 2) held behind the referees back. The winner can choose either “up” or “down” position to start the round.

Definition of round three: 8 minutes

Wrestler that was in “Up” position will start in “Down” position for start. All nude, if you did not get your opponent’s panties off the points are lost.

When wrestlers go off the mat, whoever was in control gets the top referees position. After a submission or 1:30 minute break after a control, bottom wrestler gets top position, for next start.

Definition Sex Round: 5-10 minutes.

Winner gets to fuck the loser and or decides how that round will play out. Strap on sex, with sucking and fucking. Winner is encouraged to dominate the loser.

Point System

Control points.
A wrestler earns 3 points every 30 seconds of continuous control, up to 1 minute and 30 seconds. After 1 minute and 30 seconds in the same hold wrestlers will break and start again. For a max of 9 points during one continuous control.

Style points:
Can only be earned by the wrestler in control. Only with control can a wrestler earn style points.

Breast fondling: 1 point immediately then 1 point for each 10 seconds there after in current hold. Once the wrestler stops the fondling she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Pussy fingering (no insertion): 1 point immediately then 2 points each 10 seconds after in current hold. Once the wrestler stops the fondling she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Pussy fingering (insertion): 1 point immediately then 3 points each 10 seconds after in current hold. Once the wrestler stops the fondling she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Pussy licking: 1 point immediately then 5pts every 10 seconds after in current hold. Once the wrestler stops the licking she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Breast smothering: 1 point immediately then 1point for each 30 seconds. Once the wrestler stops she cannot earn points for 10 more seconds.

Outstanding Holds: Will earn 2 points immediately and 2 points every 30 seconds. Valid once for current control period. Referee’s decision, Example: Great head scissors hold. Escaping an “outstanding hold” to a natural position awards those wrestlers 3 style points.

Face sitting with pussy directly on nose and mouth: Earns 3 pts then 3 pts every 10 sec.

Kissing mouth on mouth with tongue penetration: 5 style points.

Kissing of face, neck and ears: 1pt and 2 every 10 sec.

Submission points:
A submission will only earn points after the one-minute mark for the hold in question. The referee will verbally state when a wrestler may go for submission. Submission will earn the wrestler 10 style points! Submissions can be from painful holds, pussy smothering, breast smotheriing, and tickling. (Note: All submission hold must be applied slowly to prevent injury)

Shame points:
Shame points are earned by a wrestler when their opponent is gaining style points. Shame points will be attached to your name and you will carry these your entire career. Do not let your opponent get them!!!

Toughness points:
After the one-minute mark during a hold, if your opponent is going for a submission, and you can hang on and not submit for the 30 sec, you will be awarded the prestigious TOUGHNESS POINTS. The Referee awards points based on his judgment of the hold and time the wrestler is able to withstand the hold. Up to a maximum of 10 points can be given for any given submission attempt.

Ultimate surrender Tag team rules.

Same as single matches except for the following:
Three 12-minute wrestling rounds.
Wrestler must stay with in the boundaries set to tag in.
Incoming wrestler cannot touch the mat to tag in.
Incoming wrestler can touch any part of her teammates body to register a “good” tag.
On a “good” tag incoming wrestler and outgoing wrestler have 30 seconds to be on the mat.
After 30 seconds tagged wrestler must leave the mat.
During “tag in” the team with both wrestlers in, have automatic control and can go for style.
During tag in no head holds are permitted.
During tag in opponent wresters must release control if she has it.
Opponent during a tag in can tag resulting in a 4-way tag in; counter is reset to 30 seconds. Same rules apply as above.

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