The pleasure of being a harnessed submissive trainee of a beautiful lesdom trainer

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Lesdom sport body harness and collar for special exercising

And the pain of doing the bdsm nude special exercises. And the shame of fulfilling the dirty sex orders. And many other kinky feelings. Only such slave as Ewelina, whose experience of being in the special exercises slavery is damn huge, can enjoy the pain, the pleasure and the shame of nudesport obedience to the max. And only such trainer as Fox, whose experience of humiliating the busty submissive trainees is also fucking huge, can give everything Ewelina want to get at this nude sport lesdom training. And even more than that…

Lesdom sport milf. Very mistressy look – high heels, black nylon, a lesdom dress with frills (no casual fitness outfit). A stylish cane for naked gymnastics motivation and restriction. A lot of special exercises and lesbian domination ideas in the head, ready to be said to and fulfilled by the submissive trainee. No smile and mercy. Mature sports mistress Fox is more than serious and strict today – the special exercises trainer looks ready to go farer than ever in making her busty nudesport slave suffer at the special exercises lesson. But looks like the more merciless Fox, the more excited her obedient girl with big tits.

Busty nude sport slave fulfilling a tit play order

Busty submissive trainee. Ewelina is one of the submissive trainees of our lesdom sport couch Natalie – and the busty fitness babe is fully satisfied with the special exercises methods of this cruel bitch. But the lesbian sex mistress is busy today, and the big-titted obedient girl has to take a lesson of lesdom sex and sport obedience from the petite redhead milf. Of course, the special exercises trainer in the sexy dress is a very merciless one, but the submissive trainee follows her orders with pleasure (and fear, of course) because she knows – the crazier her lesdom sport trainer, the sexier her nudesport body.

Collared and leashed. And, of course, totally undressed. The special exercises lesson starts, as usual, with stripping (pretty rough and humiliating). Then the squatted submissive trainee puts on a lesdom sport collar with attached leash and gets down to fulfilling Fox’s special exercises orders. So, the busty nudesport slave performs squatted walk (coming with very funny but humiliating duck quacking), jumps (big naked dancing boobs!), jogging, half-squatted stand (a special exercises test of stamina), two-limbed doggy serving, one-legged stand, etc. – and each of these nude special exercises has been done one by one and in rotation.

Special exercises for spread pussy from below and up close

Harnessed nude gymnastics. As soon as all collared special exercises are done by the busty obedient girl, the lesdom gymnastics trainer makes Ewelina put on a body harness and keep on doing the naked workouts. Being very exhausted with the previous hard drilling, the busty nudesport slave makes a mistake while putting the harness on but finally turns into a bdsm fitness pet. As for the special exercises of this phase, the submissive trainee performs marching, jogging, jumps, squatted and doggy walk and serving, one-legged stand and some other hard nude workouts.

Special sex exercises. The first phase of this lesdom gymnastics training includes not only stripping but also pussy, tits and ass presentation. So, being hurried-up by the cruel sports mistress, the submissive trainee demonstrates her big natural tits, plays with them, pinches and turns her nipples and does other nasty things with her breasts. Then, the lesdom sex slave spreads her pussy as wide as possible and lets the nudesport camera film her obedient girl spot in up close, from below and from the back. Finally, the special exercises trainer makes the busty submissive trainee spread and demonstrate her nude gymnastics ass.

Two-limbed obedient balancing of a busty nudesport slave

The best. 1) Humiliating unexpected stripping – cane-controlled and unceremonious. 2) Nude sport pussy and big tits presentation, including over-spreading and dirty manipulations. 3) Ewelina puts on the bdsm body harness and the lesdom collar herself. 4) Duck, doggy and horse special exercises serving and training. 5) Obedient jogging, jumping and crawling round the cruel mature sport mistress. 6) Very exhausting half-squatted, one-legged and two-limbed special exercises, training Ewelina’s endurance. 7) The extremely merciless and smile-less lesbian gymnastics mistress.

Episode rating: special nude exercises – 9/10, gymnastics assiduity – 10/10, female trainer domination – 10/10, emotionality – 9/10

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