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Special naked yoga restrained angle pose

Sports domination is everything many foot-girls dream of. But some gymnastic subs like being both, slaves and mistresses. One of these sport switches Olga P. has subdued teen gymnast Valentina S. today. But is this specialexercises domina really in her element, just like she was during their last lesbian sex sports rendezvous? Let’s get to know!

Sinful sports mistress. Special exercises instructor Olga has decided to dress up as a glam slut today and looks like her bdsm sports play-mate Fox inspired Olga. Because this specialexercises domina looks very Fox-esque – black nylons, a tight top and high heels… But is Olga as wicked and heartless as Fox? Yes, she is, and maybe much more wicked and heartless!

Nude special knee-hand leg training

Young gymnastic pet. Although Valentina has already been a foot girl for a few special exercises, lesbian and medical mistresses, she is still feeling confused and a bit scared at the fetish shoots. Maybe this teen gymnast is too uncertain…but in some of today’s specialexercises scenes I’d look even more shocked and terrified than Valentina if I were a sports plaything!

Special naked exercises. The sports mistress wants Valentina to learn more about very special yoga and gymnastics – that’s why Olga subdues the young sports girl by putting a collar onto her neck and making Valentina do various nude exercises. The squatted walk, the knee-hand leg raises, the alternate side bends, the hamstring-buttocks bridge – there are the special nude workouts done by this teen submissive trainee.

Special gymnastics titty humiliation

Nude special yoga. Being an admirer of Indian gymnastics, the special exercises instructor forces her today’s teen obedient girl to do a few special nude yoga asanas. So, Valentina has bent her naked sports legs and back into the king of the dance, the wheel and the restrained angle postures, trying to make happy her special exercises torturer. But Olga is too masterful to satisfy with a few mediocre-done nude yoga poses.

Sexual humiliation. As nothing excites this nasty sports mistress stronger than some titty pinches and forced masturbation, so helpless submissive trainee Valentina is attacked by Olga’s fingers and nasty orders. The teen gymnast girl plays with her tits and pussy in the standing position at the beginning and masturbates in the hamstring-buttocks bridge in the end of this special exercises lesson.

Naked submissive trainee masturbates

Episode rating: special nude exercises – 7/10, gymnastics assiduity – 8/10, sports femdom – 8/10, emotionality – 9/10

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