A slutty gymnast girl trained and humiliated till orgasm

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Special front bends under military guidance

Sports foot girls who get a kick out of getting trained and forced to have specialexercises orgasm by sports masters – such as Olga D. – used to hate being playthings for sports mistresses – such as Maria S.. But this instructor uses so thrilling special exercises methods that even such it-girl as Olga cums at her nudesports lessons!

Military sports mistress. This army style Maria follows in her special exercises training includes not only martial uniform but also a crop and a few military restraining methods. Although this sports mistress is not an army babe, she dreams of being a commando and realizes her fantasy during nude special exercises lessons. As for me, Maria could become a great officer – strict and equitable!

Nude sports babe forced to bend forward

Submissive gym bitch. Gymnast girl Olga is still under impression from the last special exercises orgasm she has got under male guidance. She has pulled sexy lingerie today, anticipating yet another fatiguing but orgasmic meeting with that sports master, but her today’s trainer is Maria. What a fail! Feeling upset but following the special exercises orders, Olga gets down to playing a submissive trainee.

Nudesport femdom. The special exercises trainer, as a rule, takes maximum advantage from using her crop and heavy boots. Today Maria’s crop has kissed Olga’s nude skin a helluva lot of times, making the obedient girl feel extremely mortified. Moreover, the specialexercises instructor kicks lying Olga and presses her to the floor when this submissive trainee looks less submissive than she should.

Special naked wide-legged seated exercises

Naked special exercises. A nude sport set of special workouts Olga has done at this action lesson includes many exercises for back and legs. The submissive trainee does the squats, the leg ups (in many positions), the knelt leg stretches, the side lying leg ups and the prone abdominal stretches. As Maria likes to help her obedient girls do nude exercises, so Olga has been feeling her shoulder for this set long.

Forced masturbation. It is strange but naked submissive trainee feels no less excited at this special exercises training than she did at the previous groovy cruel nudesport lesson. That’s why this special exercises bitch starts rubbing her clit with readiness as soon as gets forced to do it. Olga even deep-fingers her sporty pussy and moans, being unable to control herself.

Cane-controlled naked special yoga training

Episode rating: special nude exercises – 7/10, gymnastics assiduity – 9/10, sports femdom – 8/10, emotionality – 8/10

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