A seemingly obedient girl does special exercises

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Knee-hand naked special sports position

The gym subbie, who Zoya S. has got in control today, is less busty than her last big-titted toy for cruel nude sports experiments but much talented and…dangerous!? Blondie Katya M., whose recent gymnastic lesbian sex appearance was so smashing and fuckfull, does everything Zoya’s kinky will forces her to do at the gym special naked training. But what if she dreams to seduce Zoya? Is the special exercises trainer in danger?

Vicious sports instructor. As you know, today’s special exercises coach is a lesbian sex virgin (at least, she has never made Sapphic gymnastics at shoots). So, this hard-driving and a bit brutal nudesports trainer has no idea that Katya could seduce her right at this naked gymnastics action lesson. Zoya just looks at the obedient girl and sees a dutiful girl, nothing special.

Wide-legged seated nude gymnastics discipline

Sexy submissive trainee. Sooth to say, Katya doesn’t like such girls as Zoya. No, this nudesports plaything adores being trained by beautiful gymnastics goddesses and likes to obey them (because such special exercises ladies sex her up). But trainers like Zoya…the today’s trainee would neither seduce her, nor get tempted by this kinky nude sports coach. So, Katya just follows Zoya’s commands.

Forced naked warmups. As soon as Katya gets unclad, the special exercises trainer makes her get knelt, puts a collar onto her sexy neck and forces this obedient girl to move in a doggy style. Zoya also pulls the gymnastics leash, slaps the blondie’s nude butt and pinches Katya’s face to make the babe feel her sport supremacy. The squatted walk – one of Zoya’s favorite special exercises – has been done by this submissive gymnast as well.

Nude workouts with sports thingies. A hula-hoop and a skipping rope are the special exercises stuff Zoya wants her today’s nudesports plaything to do workouts with. The obedient naked gymnast does the standing and knee-hand exercises with the hoop and then jumps over the rope properly, trying to avoid the new slaps and pinches. But Zoya’s hard training cane is about her!

Special nude yoga. Having performed a set of the one-legged drills, the sit-ups and the wide-legged seated bends, the submissive trainee does a few special naked yoga asanas – the bridge (her pussy is under the cane’s attack) and the bow. Plus, the cruel female trainer forces Katya to do the tiptoe nude exercise… No, Zoya’s trainee is still not yearning for lesbian sex with her coach – Zoya isn’t in danger (what a pity!).

Cane-motivated special nude yoga bridge

Episode rating: nude special workout – 7/10, sports obedience – 9/10, gymnastics femdom – 8/10, emotionality – 8/10

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