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Special exercise nude humiliation of a chained trainee

Flexible Maryanna is on the nudesport stage again. She does naked gymnastic and yoga exercises again but today under control of Andrew – our drill master, whose special exercises training methods are pretty painful! Will he overmaster this teen nude gymnast?

We’ve known that Maryanna is a bendy girl, able to perform rather hard naked gymnastic workouts. As she is a pretty plastic sport material, so here is a wide special nude exercises playground for Andrew’s training experiments. So, he has a cane, a training collar and a chain and is ready to bring them in the game at any time.

Motivating the obedient girl with the cane, the special exercises trainer makes her get rid of her top, pants and jogging shoes. As soon as Andrew gets an absolutely nude submissive trainee, he puts the collar on her delicate neck, hitches a chain on to the collar and orders Maryanna to get knelt and do some special walking-round-on-the-fours exercises.

Obedient trainee Maryanna in the bow pose

The naked special workouts with an expander (stretching it in the standing position) and with a skipping rope (yes, the nude booby jump’n’dance was very eye-catching!) are the next phase of this special exercises nude training. Plus, the naked sport girl does several body twists and performs the leg raises in the knee-hand with hula-hoops.

A nude special yoga set is the next step up the drilling ladder. The submissive trainee performs the shoulderstand (keeping a hula-hoop on each of her raised legs), the bow asana and the bridge. Maryanna also does the prone abdominal stretch, raising her ankles and trying to reach her head with feet. The special exercises instructor is about her, stirring the obedient girl with his cane.

After that, Maryanna is asked to perform the push-ups (her nudesport ass has been under the cane’s attack for several minutes), the squats and finally, Andrew makes the submissive trainee get into the knee-hand to have some horse-jockey specialexercises fun. The drill master really takes pleasure in this game, although his obedient girl doesn’t look absolutely put down.

Naked special push-ups under control of a cane

Sooth to say, the trainer could squeeze out much more obedience and sports stunts from this girl. Maryanna is so talented and flexible gymnast, that this training could be a masterpiece of female nude sport workout in a special nude exercises mode. Maybe the next drill session with Maryanna as a trainee and Andrew as a trainer will be more breathtaking.

Wicked Andrew gives a pretty hard nude sport lesson to 19 y. o. Maryanna in 26 min special exercises video and in 76 Hi Res photos inside

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