Nude special gymnastics and acrobatics

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Nude trainee Alena stretches under the guidance of her trainer Mary

Another sexy debutante gets undressed, trained and forced to do the nasty. Mary, our expert in turning the average debutantes into the squeezed dry nude trainees, coaches Alena M. and makes her masturbate. Of course, you remember one of Mary’s special trainings, where she did everything to drive crazy her nude trainee. Not less sweating, exciting and domination-full specialexercises workout is waiting for the deb Alena. Don’t miss out this hot debut!

Specialexercises trainer Mary and her naked obedient trainee Alena

Alena, tired of unsuccessful attempts to pump up her belly and being always in chase of the new effective exercises, is ready to try everything to get into good shape. As soon as she heard about very special nude trainings by the professional drilling machine Mary, Alena decided to start exercising under her guidance. So, the specialexercises trainee is here to follow Mary’s commands. And as usual, the first of the first commands is to get nude. Hiding her embarrassment, Alena takes off her clothes.

After that, Alena is asked to start caressing herself, from titty-playing to petting her kitty. What a shame! But the nude trainee does it like a lamb. Because she believes Mary, she is sure that this dominant trainer knows what her trainee needs. And the naked obedient girl gets a training collar onto her neck! Moreover, the first phase of this special nude training takes place on the floor. Alena starts with backbending and then does the sit-ups and the plow posture, including the wide-legged variants of both nude special workouts.

Naked sport babe Alena does exercises under control

As the naked sports gymnast is quite bendy and able to perform the difficult stretches, so she performs the shoulderstand, several variants of the bridge and then gets into the standing position to do special naked exercises such as active stretching in the one-legged position, the elbowstand, the straddle split (bending forward in this position), the king of the dance pose, the standing forward bend, the cheststand, the handstand and even the acrobatic wheel.

I think Mary is obsessed with Alena’s nude gymnastics talents. And I’m sure that Alena is glad to make her trainer get obsessed. However, the nude gymnast overworks and drops on the floor, being flaked out and unable to perform Mary’s commands. But the dominant female trainer isn’t going to set her trainee free and asks Alena to get up for the dog-teaching exercises. After that, Mary decides to let her nude special exercises girl enjoy the training in full and she orders Alena to play with her pussy and boobs…

Nude gymnast Alena performs the elbowstand

Only at, you can download the 33 min special nude exercises video of Mary making her nude trainee Alena do exercises and masturbate in the end. It is such a fun, see for yourself!

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