Forest glade as the best place for outdoor nude special exercises

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Outdoor nude bridge exercise

Another nude workout day in the open air, another set devoted to outdoor specialexercises trainer domination. Dasha S. debuts today under the close Sergey‘s control, and she looks captured with this new for her outdoor nude workouts. Sergey has already appeared as a male trainer, and it looks like he adores just the outdoor special exercises. At least, his previous outdoor nude training was very impressive.

Dasha is a cute blondie with two ponytails, totally nude and sitting with her legs tucked under one straight on the ground, ready for outdoor special exercises. She’s all eyes at her trainer, who holds a red elastic bar and looks at his submissive trainee as if thinking over that could be the first exercise. Finally, Sergey touches at Dasha’s head with the bar, and the nude sports model feels its power. She knows that this bar can turn into fearsome weapon in Sergey’s hand.

Submissive young nude trainee

First of all, Dasha must do the outdoor special exercises with the two hula-hoops, one is massage and another is metallic. Sergey holds these hula-hoops and orders Dasha to crawl through them forward and then back, after turning. Her nude body looks very touchable while she’s crawling on her knees forward and back several times, doing these outdoor nude exercises.

But as it’s time to start more weighty training, so Dasha does several stretches with exercise wheel, trying to do it correctly. Then she has to get down to the dumbbell lateral raise. You can see her standing, with hands and legs moved apart, and Sergey controls Dasha’s pose with the bar, touching at her hands and regulating distance apart her legs.

Nude side bends exercises outdoors

After several leg swings and touches at dumbbells by her nude toes, the submissive trainee takes a ball and starts bending sideways, holding the ball turned up over her head. Then she leans backward and after that forward, but as she does it with her back curved, so Sergey shows her how to lean correctly, using his bar for outdoor special exercises. I think Dasha has understood now how to do it correctly.

Nude exercising on the pink spread is the next point of these outdoor workouts. Dasha is lying on her belly in arch body position and trying to keep her nude toes in hands. She looks very impressive in this position, as if she was born to be a nude sport girl, so flexible and able to keep her body arched for a long time. But the most terrific task from Sergey’s arsenal of nude sports females exercising is the bridge from standing position. He orders Dasha get dawn to performing this special exercise, controlling her with his elastic bar and holding up her hooped back.

Extremely flexible nude girl doing outdoor exercises

Final shots of this outdoor nude special exercises set are very eye-catching and erotic. Dasha is in the bridge stand, and Sergey is touching her nude bent body with his red bar. Now he is keeping its tip on Dasha’s pubis, then making her hold this position with touches from below. Finally, he helps her rise.

You can watch this 35 min outdoor special exercises video and rate Dasha’s sport talents and Sergey’s domination abilities at site.

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