Outdoor nude workout at Special Exercises with male trainer

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Special Exercises workout with the male trainer

Special Exercises site features the tough nude exercises of hot sexy girls controlled by the trainers. The trainers are mostly females. But there’re rare updates with the men as the special exercises trainers. The last naked workout update with the male trainer was posted in March, when Anastasia was trying to fly on the hands of Alan.

It’s summer time now, so besides the special exercises workout with the male trainer (as you have already guessed), we have outdoor workout today. The today’s trainer is Sergey and the trainee girl is Tanya. They both debut today on Nude Sports Blog.

The naked exercises action takes place at some silent prairie near a forest. Both Sergey and Tanya got to this place on the car, which you may notice on the first shots. Sergey quietly takes different sport equipment from the car’s boot. I can see the stretching expander, the exercise wheel, a pair of dumbbells.

Hot brunette lifted hands with dumbbells

Tanya is a great brunette girl in orange miniskirt and yellow shirt. She gets nude very quickly (but on the full video, which is available for Special Exercises members, you will surely see more details). Tanya starts the nude workout with the dumbbells exercises. She lifts up the hands with the dumbbells, and lifts one and another legs up to touch the hands. This nude exercise requires some strength (to keep the dumbbells parallel to the earth) and stretching abilities (in order to touch the hands). At this stage of naked workout, trainer Sergey isn’t very active, he just stands and watches the girl’s moves.

The next nude exercise is performed with the exercise wheel. Tanya sits down on the green grass and tries to do the bends. It’s much harder to bend in on such a surface in comparison with the flat ground in the gym. It’s best time of this nude workout to enjoy the girl’s ass. Tanya’s ass is very hot and sexy, I must admit.

Tanya does bends with exercise wheel

Then, nude trainee does some legs lifts standing on knees. The girl is very flexible and can lift the leg so high in the air. It’s not too comfortable to lie on the ground, so Tanya moves on the yellow spread. She lies down on the back and starts to perform the legs lifts, showing her cute young & shaved pussy. The trainee also does some crunches exercises.

Then, Tanya stands on her knees again and does some more legs lifts up to the air and to the sides. During the next nude exercise, we can finally see some Sergey – the trainee does the stand-ups exercise and trainer holds the girl’s toes with his foot.

Tanya does side leg lifts on spread

Sergey gives her trainee some spare time to relax before the last phase of nude sport outdoor exercises. At this time, he takes down his orange shirt. Tanya performs the shoulderstands exercises and Sergey stands near her and holds her ankles. The very last exercise is shoulderstands with the legs spreads in the different directions. Sergey helps nude Tanya to perform it correctly and we have a few shots of nude shaved pussy of this flexi girl.

The nude workout is over. I have enjoyed the action of Tanya, she is beautiful and was able to demonstrate her best performance during the special exercises. As for Sergey, I expected him to be more involved in the workout.

You will see the complete 38 minutes of special exercises training video with male trainer Sergey and his trainee Tanya inside SpecialExercises.com site.

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