The reasons why Luba hates passing thru medical exams, carried out by male doctors

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Medical fetish neuro testing of a helpless nude babe

Medical exam phobia is a very wide-spread one, and we know why because have watched a lot of soft and hard core fetish physical and gyno exam videos. And there is nothing strange in the behavior of flexible girl Luba S., whose no-no and moans, grimaces and fuck-off motions are a big part of her today’s meeting with the same doctor who fucked her at the married medical fetish sex examination. But that hardcore checkup is not the only reason why the sports babe hates and fears passing thru the medical exams. Wanna get to know the rest?

Fearful nude patient. The more medical fetish exams are passed thru by this nudesports babe, the stronger Luba believes that there are no normal male doctors – all of them are perverts, dreaming to fuck their patients the most perverted medical fetish ways. But isn’t it normal when a man wants to fuck a sexy girl? What perverted is in the passion of a doctor for round tight female asses? And how to carry out a gyno exam without speculum insertion? Yes, medical fetish manipulations look crazy, but even the kinkiest procedure is absolutely routine for doctors. So, relax, miss. And take your clothes off!

Medical maledom stripping of a topless blonde girl

Male medical domination. Of course, this doctor looks and acts like a pervert. But, imho, the medical fetish guy overplays a bit – he is much less perverted and dominating than he tries to make Luba sure. What is the reason of this medical maledom behavior? The doctor is just feeling bored – if you were examining a dozen of shaved pussies and big tits every day, what would you feel? So, the gyno exam guy just wants to have some fun – that’s why the flexible nude babe gets stripped, examined, photographed and “fucked” with medical fetish fingers in the most dominating and frightening ways.

Female physical exam. As soon as the flexible girl is undressed and confused enough, the naughty dude starts examining her curves and holes. The nude sports babe passes thru the following exams – rhino, lungs, neuro, breasts and blood pressure. Of course, these are only the external medical fetish tests, carried out by the male doctor scrupulously. What about Luba’s reaction to these pretty innocent medical exam trials? If you wouldn’t know what the doctor did with the naked babe, you could feel ready to break in this room and do everything to stop this perverted medical exam. But you know that Luba doesn’t need your help.

Fetish rectal fingering of a shocked naked flexible girl

Gyno fetish examination. The male gynecologist tried to examine Luba’s pussy right after clothes dropping, but the nude sports girl was too nervous and wild to let him carry out the fetish gyno exam of his dream. But the flexible babe with shaved pussy has to pass thru the gynecological examination, and the male doctor carries it out in the end of this medical exam. How exactly was it? Above all, the sports babe does a few squats, coming with pussy fingering. Then, the male doctor makes the gymnast girl lie back, spread her nudesport legs and let him insert a speculum in her gymnastics pussy. Enough? Oh yes!

Fetish rectal inspection. One and then two medical exam fingers (latex gloves here). A thermometer. And a fetish med syringe. These are the medical tools, inserted in the ass of our flexible nude babe one by one at this examination. First, the nude sports girl has been attacked with one doctor’s finger in the seated position and then in the half lying one. The medical fetish thermometer and syringe have been inserted in the ass of this naked female examinee in the doggy obedient pose. And finally, the medical exam guy “fucks” Luba’s asshole with two fingers right after gyno exam (speculum insertion).

Scared sports babe passing a medical exam test with a fetish syringe

The best. 1) Stripping confused babe, hurried up by the medical fetish guy. 2) Mouth exam, including BJ like manipulations and tongue squeezing with a special fetish medical tool. 3) Doggystyle anal exam with a thermometer and a syringe. 4) Visible passion of the medical fetish guy for Luba’s asshole. 5) Nude sports tests – pushups and squats (mixed with pussy fingering). 6) Embarrassing posing for the medical fetish photo cam – with spread pussy, close, with a smile, etc. 7) Male domination and cynicism of the pussy doctor and Luba’s overreaction to them.

Episode rating: medical exam – 9/10, nude sports – 7/10, rectal and gyno exam – 9/10, female anatomy close-ups – 9/10, emotionality – 10/10, medical fetish devices – 8/10

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