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Teen girl sucks a dildo and gets photographed

Some clicks change our life for ever. If I wouldn’t click a link to, we couldn’t get to know all truth about nice girls, ready to undress, pose in the nude, fuck themselves with dildos and speculums for a high-paid job. Yes, this truth is shocking. But isn’t it also damn exciting?

If you are a teen girl (like fetish model Alexandra S.), any job seems hard and low-paid for you. So, feeling tired of getting her young pussy exploited the craziest medical fetish ways, this cutie puts on a business suit and goes to her first real job interview. If she passes the tests, she will become a very well-paid office babe. But no humiliation, mouth and pussy dildo-fuck and gyno exam pain at the job interview, no job…

Teen undressed woman. Yes, this young applicant has heard of lots of stressful special tests job candidates used to pass at the exams. But this teen babe has never heard of the dressed to undressed women trials. And the ex medical fetish babe would never imagine herself pushing sex toys in her young pussy, sucking a dildo and cumming right at such bdsm job interview. However, the teen babe has experienced everything.

Special in lingerie exam of teen height

Humiliating photo session. The HR guy, carrying out this interview, is a pervert, of course. But wouldn’t you make a sexy teen babe undress to take a few photos of her young pussy, perky teen tits, long legs in stockings and other goodies while being a staff clerk? So, the young undressed woman has been put to a height exam, a set of posing and stretching and other humiliating fetish job tests.

Self gyno exam and toy insertion. Okay, this clothed and unclothed girl has to pose for her special personal file. But why the hell should the teen babe carry out a gyno exam of her young pussy and then push a set of small-big-huge glass toys in her sore twat? Of course, this self fucking with the fetish job interview stuff is painful and extremely disgracing – all the more that the damn HR pervert is taking her sex photos non-stop.

Taking photos of a teen pussy with a speculum

Double dildo fuck and orgasm. The gyno exam with the speculum and the glass toys is not the last test this undressed woman has to pass. The personnel manager must get to know everything about her sex health – and the teen babe has to masturbate while having the spec inserted in her young pussy. Alexandra also gets her mouth and pink fucked with the dildos on the sticks – till the first orgasm, gotten at a job interview!

The best. 1) Clothed and unclothed height measuring and posing. 2) Detailed photo session – all viewpoints, positions, conditions. 3) The hard-driving HR guy, looking like an agent of a secret porn corporation. 4) The special set of the glass toys and the dildos on the sticks, used by the staff clerk for sex health exam. 5) The unexpected teen orgasm of Alexandra. Yes, it is real – just watch the young woman squirm while being on the two dildos.

Double toy fucking of a teen nude girl

Episode rating: HR maledom – 9/10, moral disgrace – 10/10, physical humiliation – 10/10, medical exam – 9/10, sex tests – 10/10

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