Uncontrolled chain reaction of female orgasm

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Pussy temperature taking at female orgasm exam

Real orgasm evoke-and-study experiments are very riskful – everyone, who takes part in them, risks coming (lady scientist, cameraman) and everyone, who must come, risks stay uncummed! Luckily, today’s examinee Tuta , whose leggy sporty beauty and special exercises orgasm you have already seen, has experienced the real orgasm. But her hot dildoing has an ambiguous domino effect!

Cold test girl. Tuta is not very popular obedient girl among lesbian sex and sport instructors, and the reason is her passionless look. Whatever you ask this flexible girl to do, she performs well but without any readiness or zest. Of course, the today’s medical exam girl tries to protect herself from this crazy world by playing cold… But I hope this beauty, examining her real orgasm, will beat a few emotions (besides the O) out of Tuta!

Female orgasm test girl and lady examiner

Ambitions of the lady scientist. Every medical exam testee this female orgasm examiner has got in order should cum in the most exceptional ways. Otherwise, she is not satisfied. Yes, Tuta looks a hard nut for this beauty, studying regular and multiple orgasms – but there are no frigid babes for this lady scientist! But is she able to tell a real orgasm from a simulated one? Let’s hope she is.

Preparatory medical exam. As soon as Tuta is ready for passing thru the tests, the female orgasm examiner makes her undergo the following medical exam surveys – auscultation, arteriotony and weight measuring, external pussy exam (pretty unceremonious), cunt temperature exam and extreme swabbing insertion of a glass tube in Tuta’s vagina. Whatever the medical exam girl feels while passing thru the tests, she looks cold.

Nude girl chest examined at real orgasm research

Real orgasm stimulation. Now that the medical exam is passed thru, the female orgasm testee must take a pill, get her pussy linimented and show the examiner how she used to reach the real orgasm. Tuta obeys, and you can see a weak attempt of passionate pussy rubbing. But as the women orgasm exam is not satisfied, so she makes Tuta fuck her pussy with a special multiorgasm dildo. No problem – Tuta does everything.

Two female orgasms. Of course, it is a special hardship to watch a girl please herself while having no permission to do the same! So, the female orgasm researcher breaks a few rules of medical exam and starts masturbating while Tuta is not seeing her. But the dildoing test girl feels that something strange (but exciting) happens behind her back – and it moves near and intensifies her real orgasm!

Masturbating girl scientist and her dildoing testee

Episode rating: gyno exam – 7/10, physical – 7/10, pussy stimulation – 9/10, female orgasm – 8/10, value for sex science – 9/10

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