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Multiple orgasms evoking by dildo fucking

Some things never change. 20 y. o. Vika S. is on a medical exam couch and with a thingie in her spread pussy again. But the today’s medical exam stuff looks much pornier than the thermometer she has pleasure of having in her asshole last group military physical exam time. And this babe looks much happier as she has experienced the real orgasm and got some money for it. Two sweets at one time. Great!

Real orgasm testee. Although the last medical exam time was nerve-eating and dirty, Vika agreed to become a test girl for female orgasm research. The reasons are money, her interest (Vika’s clitoral peaks are irregular and she has never experienced vaginal orgasm) and wish for doing something in the sake of sex science. But in spite of everything, the female orgasm testee enters the consulting room while being in a flurry.

Female waist measuring at a naked medical exam

Preparatory medical exam. As soon as Vika is absolutely nude and ready for female orgasm testing, the lady doctor inspects this young naked body. The rhino and neuro examination, some measures (breast, waist and ass), auscultation and a few other medical exam tests before the pussy orgasm study have been gone thru by Vika with readiness. And it seems that the doctor really relishes this top-to-toe inspection (omg, is the bitch lesbian?).

Gyno examination. Before Vika’s pussy is pierced with a dildo and clitty is rubbed up for multiple orgasms research, the fem scientist examines the young pussy and asshole with fingers and then pierces the twat with a plastic speculum. A set of affecting gyno exam closeup photos – detailed, HD quality and featuring female anatomy in the best and even a bit shocking viewpoints – are here!

Speculumed pussy and womb closeup

Vika’s real orgasms. To evoke and then boost the ecstasy this young test girl has to experience, the lady doctor asks her to take a special pill and relax. Then Vika has to play with her clitty and tits, trying to reach the clitoral real orgasm and to fuck her pussy with a sex toy to experience the vaginal climax. What a nice girl she is – Vika has arrived at both peaks, i. e., you will be a witness of the multiple orgasms! The doctor is happy as all get out!

Female orgasm research. To detect and study Vika’s big O, the doc uses a tonometer and a special device with wires. So, she measures the blood tension and takes the readings of the device while her female orgasm test babe is rubbing her clitty and fucking her pussy with the sex toy. These medical scientific manipulations are so interesting that I don’t even know what impressed me stronger – Vika’s multiple orgasms or this research!

Arteriotony test at a nude medical exam

Episode rating: gyno exam – 10/10, physical – 9/10, pussy stimulation – 10/10, female orgasm – 10/10, value for sex science – 10/10

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