A wild teen medical fetish toy for two military perverts

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Nude exercises under double military physical control

How to restrain disobedient teens? It is very easy to do at a humiliating military physical, esp. at a group one. Let’s take a mischievous young gymnast Olga N. (although this miss was a nice girl during her first outdoor nude sports training, she is sooo bad in reality!) and take the shine out of her by giving a group army medical domination lesson!

Disobedient college girl. 18 y. o. Olga is dressed as a slutty student or even schoolgirl and her outfit makes her feel even more disobedient than she is as it is. Looks like this military physical examinee has been taken (and even stolen) right from a lesson (omg, what did this teen girl do?). Anyhow, she is pushed into the doctor’s office by a security to get a shocking martial med lesson.

Double external military gyno exam

Two army medical pervies. Yes, today’s military physical is carried out by two perverts – a lady doctor and a dude, looking like a secret agent. Who of them is dirtier and more perverted? I vote for the lady doctor, as, although the man in black is curious and pushy, she acts like a real demoness in army uniform. And this slut performs the bigger part of military physical tests.

Nude gymnastics and yoga. What happened to the teen gymnast at this military physical? First, Olga gets undressed (slapping, pinching, hair and nipple pulling included) and does several nude exercises – the forward bends, the alternate toe touches, the jumps, the knee-hand leg ups, the bridge and the bow asanas. Each and every naked workout is done under constraint.

Nude stretching at a military physical

Scrupulous and forceful military physical. After the forced set of nude yoga and gymnastics, the lady doctor performs lots of military exam tests in a solo mode and together with the security man. The young examinee passes thru all measurements, breast palpation, blood pressure and temperature checks, rhino and neuro exams and finally, her young pussy gets palpated and speculed by both medical fetish maniacs!

Conclusion. Feeling exhausted and tortured, the young military physical toy doesn’t look down and obedient! Olga is still wild and wants to get back her own. As for the medical perverts, the lady doctor and the security dude are glad and ready to torture this beautiful teen girl for hours… I hope she is clever enough to start playing coy and keep out of way.

Naked yoga bridge done by a military examinee

Episode rating: military physical – 9/10, nude sports – 7/10, female anatomy close-ups – 9/10, emotionality – 10/10, medical domination – 10/10

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