Smooth teen Anna passes thru a confusing medical exam

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Nasty heart rate checking at a medical exam

If a nasty mature dude seduces an innocent teen girl, it is a fun but rather banal one. What if this dude is a male doctor, carrying out a nude medical exam and having no sex with his teen patient? It would be a drama if only weren’t such a spectacular show, including some breast palpation in rubber gloves and cervix close-ups of our today’s deb Anna P.!

Dirty male physician. No doubt, you recognized that lustful male doc from one of the previous medical exam episodes. Today this cunning physician should string himself up to resist the teen appeal of his nude examinee – because it is not a medical porn scene and he is not a lecher, seducing and fucking his impeccable young examinee. Good God, what a torture!

Dirty doctor palpates breast of a teen girl

Blushing teen examinee. Today’s debutante is a blondie with blue eyes whose body is almost ideal and extremely fuckable. She looks ready to give this body in the dirty rubber hands of the male physician from the very beginning, but it proved to be much harder to undress for the first time before an unknown man than she thought!.. Finally, embarrassed Anna is nude (the doctor helped her peel off!).

Medical exam and nude sports. There are almost no gymnastics exercises done at this naked medical examination, however, Anna has performed some backbends and squats. As for the health survey, the nude teen girl gets her breast and belly palpated and measured. Plus, the male doctor gauges Anna’s heart rate and blood pressure and takes the teen gymnast’s temperature.

Teen pussy prepared for a gyno exam

Gyno exam and photo shoot. Although the doctor’s fingers in rubber gloves are omnipresent and his touches are confusing, the most discomfiting medical fetish ordeals this teen babe has to pass thru are gyno exam and photo shoot. Yes, you’ll see Anna’s cervix and spread labia up close. Yes, you’ll enjoy her confused air at this nude medical photo session!

Conclusion. The male doctor looks unready to let Anna go but the medical exam is over. So, the teen girl puts on clothes and leaves the office, where poor doctor stays alone and has his cock ready to tear his pants…As for Anna’s sports and model skills, this blonde teen babe is a very talented and I’d like to see this slim young body in all kinds of nude sports action (esp. doing lesbian exercises!).

Thermometer in a naked teen ass

This teen beauty is waiting for you in 100 HD photos and 29 min medical exam video – nude, spread and ready to pass all tests you’ve prepared for her – at Special Examination, you can inspect her from top to toe!

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