A dissolute male doctor examines a nudesport girl

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Nude flexibility test at a medical exam

Time is ripe to put the next naked sports model to a medical exam – just to find out if she is healthy enough for kinky special sport tests! And let the doctor be a nasty male physician, lustful and inquisitive – it is such a fun, what do you think?! Today’s med examine is Katya M. – that blonde cutie who was such a nice nude gymnastics slave for one of our wicked special exercises male trainers. So, let’s get this medical exam started!

Lustful male doctor. There are two medics in this office. First, Katya sees a nurse and thinks she is the doctor. But the girl is mistaken and the real doctor appears much later, when she is already in panties. The doc looks a nice dude, his eyes are sparkling with a kindness…but what is he doing, why does he stretch Katya’s panties with such a lust? Looks like our nudesport model is near turning into a medical exam plaything!

Nasty nipple pulling at a naked medical exam

Blonde nude examinee. Katya tries to look self-confident. This petite blondie knows that if a nasty dude wants to seduce a girl, he will do it whatever this girl does. If only the girl won’t try to look self-confident. And, to tell the truth, Katya hopes that nothing could happen to her in this medical exam office. So, the nude girl relaxes and gives her slim body into the doc’s hands in rubber gloves.

Medical exam. The male doctor starts this med examination with breast palpation (and he has been pawing ad squeezing her naked perky tits for all this med examination long!). Next, Katya undergoes the basic measurements, her belly and ass get checked out and finally, she has to spread her buttocks for a thermometer. Plus, the babe’s pussy gets stretched with a speculum at a gyno exam.

Male doctor inspects a nude sports model

Naked gymnastics tests. In addition to medical exam and gyno investigations, the naked girl passes some sports test – she has to do them to proof her state as a naked gymnastics model. Katya does the squats, the forward and side bends, the leg abduction. The male doctor has been inspecting this naked gymnast while carrying out the medical examination – that’s why she does only a few nude sport tests.

Conclusion. Finally, Katya gets photographed in several naked positions (her exposed pussy and ass looked very exciting!) and she may leave the doctor’s office. What about her physical state? If you ask this doctor, he will answer Katya is absolutely healthy, sexy, desirable, fuckable…Humph, I agree with this physician and am not against checking up this nudesport girl myself!

Gyno exam with a metal speculum

Katya is ready to get inspected by you as well! In 28 min medical exam video and 90 HD pictures, made at the doctor’s office and available at Special Examination, you can inspect her from top to toe!

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