Real medical examination of a nude curvaceous babe

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One-legged special exercise at a physical exam

Some specialexercises trainers make complaints against 20 y. o. Masha S. as she lacks a sport fervor although she is a pretty passionate lesbian sport slave. That’s why she has to visit a doctor and inspect her physical (and gyno as well) condition at an annual medical examination. No problem! Masha is ready to undergo any clinic procedures!

Doctor and examinee. Being a rather blase babe, Masha feels fine while opening the door of the office where a blonde lady doctor in white coat is already waiting for her busty examinee. Looks like the doc is not going to make Masha suffer in the medical bdsm nets (although, it could be a fun, eh?)…if only the patient is not going to play coy.

Female examinee strips for a medical exam

Medical exam. Well, Masha is asked to strip to nothing (she does it with readiness) and the doctor starts examining her. She measures Masha’s waist, ass and breast (including the tits palpation) and checks out the chest. It is a surprise but her nude sport patient feels sexed-up while the doctor inspects her intimate places. What a shame!

Gyno control. Embarrassed with her reaction, Masha pays no attention to the other medical examination procedures she undergoes – the doctor takes her basal temperature and then carries out a gyno examination by inserting a plastic speculum in Masha’s pussy and viewing her womb and vagina. Some female anatomy close-ups are waiting for you here!

Taking a basal body temperature

Shape inspection and photo session. So, how about the patient’s flexibility and sports shape? Doctor asks Masha to perform some nude sport exercises (squats, jumps and backbends) and sees that the nudesport model really lacks sportiness in the physical meaning of this word. Besides the naked exercises, Masha gets photographed from all sides (she has no idea what for).

Conclusion. It is as easy as abc – Masha is a hyper sexual babe, whose hunger for sex is so strong that she feels excited whatever she does. The doctor’s recommendations are 1) morning exercises on a daily basis to train up her flexibility and drop some extra weight and 2) orgasm two times a day (masturbation, sex with a guy or lesbian sport exercises – it is all the same).

Naked Masha bends forward at a med examination

How about examining Masha’s physical state and peeping into her spread vagina? Watch the full length 31 min coverage of this medical exam at Special Examination!

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