Nude embarrassing military physical exam

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Nude girl Sasha squats during a physical exam

A report from a physical exam on the blog! I’d like to feature an absolutely new site, where sexy girls go through nude physical exams, including flexibility control, and undergo gyno checkups. We’ve already gone through a sport medical inspection together with a nude gymnast – rather thrilling, right? Let’s peep into a doc’s office to watch our deb Sasha S., who gets examined and let’s tickle our medical fetish strings again!

Examinee. Our lovely debutante Sasha was aware of this physical exam she had to pass through, but anyway, it was rather embarrassing for her to get absolutely nude and undergo so detailed inspection. If you would like to enjoy a shy girl’s discomfiture, then Sasha is a nice candidate for the role of such a demure little thing.

Nude leg raises done by examinee Sasha

Doctor. As this physical exam is a sort of army medical fetish games, so the doctor is dressed in a military uniform (hello, army get-up fetishists!). This female doc looks uncompromising and rather nasty, esp. if you will take into consideration that army and medicine manners give an explosive mix while put together.

Physical exam. As soon as Sasha gets nude, she is asked to do a set of naked sport exercises in the standing (squats, leg raises, bends, jumps), in the knee-hand (crawling with and without the doctor on her back!) and on the couch (abdominal prone stretch and bridge) positions. Sasha has done them all obediently.

Naked Sasha shows her abdominal stretch skill

Medical checkup. In addition to the nudesport drills, when Sasha’s flexibility and stretchiness have been inspected thoroughly, the doctor measures the girl’s blood pressure, inspects her chest, throat and ears, performs a rhino exam and takes several photos of this totally naked girl.

Conclusion. What about the results of this naked physical exam, where Sasha got her body inspected scrupulously? First of all, her sports skill is average and she could perform not so hard naked exercises. Second, doctor has discovered that Sasha’s submissiveness level is rather high that makes this girl a good sport plaything.

The nude bridge performed during a physical exam

Watch 29 min naked physical military exam video of Sasha, where she undergoes a total medical checkup, at Special Examination. Check out also 93 Hi-Res photos of this health and sports skills inspection.

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