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The screen of Ultimate Surrender Summer Vengeance tournament page

What should this vigorous girl do, having her body full of fire and irresistible craving for extreme fun? Just wrestle with another chick, no less strong and ready to fight non-stop! Who will win? What is the main prize? Ultimate Surrender gives you chance to know it, striking the most do-or-die girls together to enjoy the thrilling competitions.


1. Next level of female wrestling
Ultimate Surrender brings you into the world of chick-wrestling with erotic domination/submission undertone. One-on-one female wrestling matches start from arm wrestling between topless opponents, who wear only thong panties and shoes. As soon as one of girls gets her opponent in “control”, she can attack her sexually. Sexual humiliation of opponent is the one and only aim of match, and female wrestlers use all the allowed ways to win the victory. Winner decides how loser gets fucked in the last round, whatever it will be strap-on drilling or pussy licking.

2. Unique rules and scoring system
The rules are simple but awesome. Wrestler puts her opponent into submission position, making her helpless and earning the style points by fondling, kissing and fingering the powerless wrestler. At the same time, the helpless wrestler woman earns the shame points. Every Ultimate Surrender match consists of three wrestling rounds (8 minutes each) and one “sex round” (5-10 minutes). Wrestlers perform in the three weight classes: featherweight (90 – 115 lbs.), lightweight (116 – 130 lbs.) and welterweight (131+ lbs.).

3. Amateur well-toned girls
You won’t find there the professional wrestling machines or glamour lesbians. Each of them is an average “next-door” chick, who wants to show her skill in this highly erotic fight art. Many of the girls are newbies, who are obliged to wrestle with the more experienced girls. These sexy tigresses are not the aces of female wrestling, but they look from-top-to-toe ready for anything in chase of winning.

4. Absolutely “nude” emotions
These wild cats don’t need to tone up. “All or nothing!” you can read in their eyes and next moment, you’re ready to follow them to the ring. Sweet aroma of shut down opponent with spicy savor of fear is the one and only booster, the shining prize. That’s why they are spoiling for a fight. Ultimate Surrender Wrestlers are deep in the matches, and every round is the real test of their sexiness and wrestling abilities.


32,000+ photos, in thumbnail and full-sized versions, downloadable.

1,600+ video clips, in the following formats: WMV (640 x 480; 700 Kbps), RealVideo (640 x 480; 700 Kbps) and iPod (320×240; 762 Kbps), downloadable and stream.

Ultimate Surrender updates every Tuesday. Also there is bonus Tag Team Match update one time per month.

1. News and FAQ
Every new member can find out all about competitions and game rules; every change in the rules is available. There’s also the match schedule with girls-future opponents list.
2. Model list
The list of wrestlers is in alphabetical order and consists of their photos and names below. Clicking a thumb, you see the girl’s profile with her photos and info.
3. State pages
Every girl has her state page with all of her parameters – wins/losses, style/shame points, power rating, height, class, history etc.
4. Message board
Members can discuss their favorite female wrestlers, their matches and latest ultimate surrender videos.
5. Store
BDSM gears, sex-toys, fetish attributes, lubes, books and much more – everyone can find here all what he wants.

$29.94/1 month (recurring)
$49.94/2 months (recurring)
$59.94/3 months (recurring)
$97.94/6 months (non-recurring)


Whether you like d/s games or enjoy watching catfight, you will be obsessed with the unique idea of Ultimate Surrender – the explosive cocktail of female wrestling and humiliation. Exclusive content and deep knowledge of niche allow producing the high-class brand new show, which is able to hold your attention for a long time.

Ultimate Surrender on Nude Sports Blog
Ultimate Surrender is presented on NudeSports Blog with the dedicated category called Nude Wrestling. Each update in the category includes the highlights of the latest Ultimate Surrender match – a couple of preview images, the link to the free sample gallery with the videos. Sub-categories of Nude Wrestling category feature the female catfighters names with their bios and the direct links to the cat fights.

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