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Recession, inflation and other economic “-ions” make us do things we’d never do in the other (better) life. Such as? I won’t tell you about my crazy money-making ideas, realized in the last few years as it is too confusing for me. And I don’t want you to confess to your sins. Let’s study the experience of others!

How about sexy job candidates from Totally Undressed? These 18-33 y. o. women follow many strict morals in their real life. But at the fetish job interviews (the kinkiest and very humiliating tests: undressing, posing, gyno exam, sex toy fucking, etc. here) they go too far to stay being – and feeling! – modest.


1. Job candidates

Who are the women dressed and undressed at these atypical interviews? Although we don’t know what their profession is, we can see that the girls want to get a high-paid job at any cost. Well, the job interviewers use this chance to tyrannize the ambitious young and mature women to the max!

The girls’ reaction to the various orders is the same. First, they are shocked and trying to offer something other instead of undressing, gyno exam and dildo sex. Then the undressed women agree to do everything as the prize is too desirable. And finally, most of the job candidates…experience a real orgasm?!

2. Perverted HRs

I don’t know who permitted the staff managers to do the dirty things with the clothed and unclothed girls, but I can understand why they tyrannize the ambitious babes. If you make decisions, you feel too powerful to don’t make beautiful girls obey and perform dirty and humiliating things.

A woman and a few men are the dommes in these fetish HR games. They are uncompromising, creative and look able to go even further than they have already gone. If I were their must-test job candidate, I would leave this room asap. The dressed and undressed women are more do-or-die!

3. Stripping, posing, etc.

The strict but sexy skirts, blouses, jackets, stockings, lingerie, high heels, etc. of the job candidates must be removed – this is the first task of the HRs the girls fulfill shamefully. Then the undressed women have to strike some erotic nude poses – a few explicit photos must be added to the personal data forms.

As I’ve already said, the babes agree to do a strip and pose in the nude without readiness, but obediently as they want to get the job. And looks like the photo session, performed by the job pervies, downs them more than nudity…

4. Medical fetish tests

Fem vital stats taking (breast, ass, waist, etc. measuring) is the not the worst fetish medical hardship the girls pass thru. Gyno exams with speculums (in the presence of unknown non-doctors!) are the tests most of the undressed women pass with such a confused look that you start dreaming to tear the fucking HRs to pieces!

5. Humiliating dildo sex

Dildos on the sticks and with suction cups, attached to the chairs and the tables and squeezed by the HR men and the undressed women. Vaginal balls and anal beads, turned into the sadistic interview testers. And other sex playthings. The arsenal of humiliating toys is really huge!

As for the games the job candidates have to play with these toys, you will see undressed women sucking one or two dildos, riding the fake silicone dick on the chair, getting double penetrated (mouth and pussy or pinkie and ass) and playing with the balls or the beads. Yes, masturbation is also here.

Orgasm? Maybe. And even mostly. It is strange but when 1) shame of sudden undressing, 2) humiliation of gyno exam, 3) irritability of photo session and 4) tension of double DP fucking collide, girls experience real orgasm. Or maybe the reason is male help in sex toying?


18+ photosets of undressed women, ~ 97 images each (720×1280 and 1594×2400)

18+ video episodes of clothed and unclothed job interviews, ~ 26 mins each (from 20 to 34)

One undressed woman is added to Totally Undressed every week.


$29.95/1 month (recurring)
$59.95/3 months (non-recurring)


It is always sad to see women trying to stay good but breaking their own moral rules in chase of money. This transformation from a no-I-am-not-a-hoe babe into a nude and self-fucking (and finally cumming!) whore is so fast that you feel a bit disappointed with such a guaranteed venality of seemingly good women.

Yes, Totally Undressed is a horrifying site – it shocks you with the fact that there are no respectable femmes as each of the dressed and undressed women agrees to do everything. Of course, they look humiliated and shameful but something tells you they don’t suffer too much while stripping and fucking…

Totally Undressed is also a wonderful place, making you forgive yourself for some bad things you did in chase of money. You see these girls, ready to jump out of their skin for this job, and understand that everything is ok with your moral look…And sure, this is a hot porn site, and I don’t need to explain how great it is as I have already done it above.

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