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Sport never was and never will be a pleasure trip for these girls. Tears, blood, sweat…a good shape at any price and by any means, but always under control of the merciless trainers. And huge dose of adrenaline, which let them suffer everything, from hellish overwork to daily punishment quota. Catch the spirit of SpecialExercises and find yourself in the world of sport records, having humiliation flavor!


1. Mix of sport and humiliation

Trainer-trainee relation is the thread of all the sport stories, which you experience at SpecialExercises. All kinds of humiliations are built in the groundwork, adding the bdsm-zest and letting us go thru the hell of training together with these poor girls. Whatever it is, it goes under control of the stern trainers, without pampering or remissions. Most of scenes are tete-a-tete exercising, but some of them are the group nude workouts.

2. Male and female trainers

These miserable girls are under attack of both, female and male doms, but the first are predominant. What is the reason of it? It seems, the female drill machines are more merciless, able to make their submissives as “fucked-up” as all get-out. To tell the truth, the male trainers reveal the drill-abilities no less remarkable than their female co-workers do.

3. Really excited trainees

Whether from overextension or because of rapture with trainers’ rough pinches, the girls’ cunnies get wet in the course of the drilling. Some of trainings end with masturbation, and you see how these overheated babes enjoy cunt-rubbing under control of their trainers.

4. Nude Sports and bdsm-attributes

Exercise rooms and gyms, from shining and fully-kitted to unfurnished industrial territories, including open-air places – it’s all the same for trainers. Girls are obliged to do all what these merciless machines order, everywhere and always. These furious drill instructors make submissive chicks naked, tied and spanked, keeping them waiting for something extra perverted but necessary for their sport shape. There are all sorts of sport sticks, collars, ropes, lashes etc but the trainer’s hand is the main instrument to reach the total submission.

5. Unique “special” atmosphere

Watching the special exercises video straight from action spot, you feel yourself a part of the process. As if you’re inhaling this air, saturated with the mix of pain with drop of pleasure. It’s a great feeling, worthy of tasting, and it seems SpecialExercises creators know how to make you feel it in full!


148+ galleries, average 50 pictures each, in thumbnail and full screen versions. Extra quality photosets consist of thrilling stills straight from sweaty workouts.

148+ video shoots, approximately 35 minutes each, Windows (WMV) format, downloadable. Every video story is rather long and revealing the trainer-trainee d/s relations to the maximum.

Special Exercises updates on the weekly basis, with only exclusive content.

1. Members’ requests
As a member, you can do the special requests and get exclusive content by your shooting script.
2. Rating system
Vote for your favorite scenes, enjoying the girls’ nude sport skills and trainers’ humiliate abilities.
Leave your comments and read what other members dropped.

$34.95/1 month (recurring)
$69.95/3 months (non-recurring)


SpecialExercises.com is the terrific world, full of helpless nude gymnasts and future dancers, suffering from their relentless personal trainers. This unique site lets you know all about another side of naked spot – dirty, full of pain and perverted passions. Once you see it, you’ll never forget, watching the unique photos and videos over and over again.

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SpecialExercises.com updates are published within the Special Exercises category on Nude Sports Blog. There’re only two subcategories – divided according the sex of the dominant trainer – female trainer and male trainer subcategories. The Special Exercises site has more content with female trainers (and these girls are great), so this category has much more entries.

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