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Whether you have got a medical fetish or hate any hospital procedures, it could be rather thrilling and interesting for you to look in this doctor office to watch how nude girls go through detailed physical examination and get their pussies stretched by speculums, right?

A recently launched site, dedicated to physical and gynecological aspects of medical checkups – Special Examination – is a place where you could bate your curiosity and learn more about what happens to girls in the docs’ offices. Take a deep breath and…


1. Girls and doctors
18-23 y. o. chicks are the main examinees who get their bodies inspected from top to toe at the medical checkups. They are slim and delicious, with itty bitty tiny tits and with big boobs, with various pussy types but all of them are embarrassed and a bit (or totally) humiliated with the gyno and physical exams they are asked to go through.

The doctors who examine these nude sexy babes, who have inspected all their tight and wet holes, who make the girls feel embarrassed are female and male medics. They enjoy their state and supremacy and do their utmost to check up the girls’ health and physical state thoroughly and to reveal their aptitudes and talents.

2. Physical exams
The main tests the girls go through at physical exam are health checkup and flexibility control. This means that first each girl gets totally naked and measured – doctor checks up her chest, ears, nose, asshole; measures her blood pressure and temperature; gauges the girl’s waist, boobs, ass and hips.

As every examinee must demonstrate her flexibility, stamina and balance skill, so every physical checkup includes lots of naked exercises, performed by the girls. Squats, jumps, bends, stretches, leg lifts and yoga asanas on the floor and on the couch plus some doctor domination tests – every chick is forced to do rather sweating and upsetting workouts.

3. Gyno exams
Although girls are told that just a formal checkup is waiting for them, they pass a gyno exam as well. Metal and plastic speculums, stretching the pussies and revealing the vaginas and wombs up close, are the main medical tools, used during gyno exams the nude girls go through.

Plus, as some girls are on their period, so the unpleasant tampon manipulations included. And you get a full view of what happens to girls during such exams and get an eyeful of all types of female spread pinkies, revealed in detail in high resolution!

4. Photo sessions
At last, each physical exam includes a photo session, when doctor takes some photos of a girl in various positions and in the nude. What for? “Just for a file” they answer, but you’ll never know the truth. For some reasons, many girls look most touchy just upon these a bit humiliating photo sessions.


45+ medical exam photo galleries, approx. 130 pics each, in snapshot (1280×720) and HD (3216×2136) formats.

45+ videos, approx. 27 mins length, in WMV format, featuring nude girls during physical exams and gyno checkups.

Special Examination updates on a weekly basis

1. Members’ requests
2. Rating system

$9.95 / 3 days trial (recurring)
$29.95 / 1 month (recurring)
$59.95 / 3 months (non-recurring)


Medical fetish is a quite special one. On the one hand, it is a rather kinky fun to observe the shocking medical tools, used for female health inspection and to inspect girls’ uteruses up close. On the other hand, it is so exciting to peep into a doc’s office while a nude girl goes thru a physical or gyno exam there!

Special Examination is a site, balancing between extreme medical fetish and average health exam niches. You are in tension but not shocked; girls go thru total exams but don’t suffer from terrible medical procedures. A highly recommended site for those who wanna inhale medical atmosphere but are not ready to faint away!

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Wanna drop in the doctor offices for free – just to decide if this site is worth joining? Special Examination section of this blog is everything you need to get a rough idea of this exclusive medical fetish resource! Examine sexy army babes together with cruel military physicians and inspect nude job candidates with perverted male and female doctors – in detailed entries and photos, featuring the updates of Special Examination site!

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