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It is so wrong that spanking is not applied anymore to bad girls in colleges and offices (special exercises gyms and fetish HR offices are the only exception). It would be so great to watch a sexy secretary get a painful spanking lesson from her male boss or to join a female teacher in thrashing a sweet bottom of a bad college girl!

As God (and porn site makers) like punishing women the craziest ways no less than we like watching females get disciplined, so here is a new HD spanking site with red-bottomed uniform babes. Let’s find out who is more resistant to pain, cuffing, chaining and panty-gagging – college cuties, secretaries, teachers, students or office girls!


1. Bad uniform girls
Who are they, the seemingly good girls, compelled to undergo so merciless spanking? What did they do to get down, punished so hard and fucked mercilessly? They are: 1) office babes in the mini skirts, stockings and high heels; 2) college girls in the pleated skirts, cute socks and modest shoes; 3) teachers in the strict suits, nylons and stilettos and 4) other uniform babes.

What about their fault? Too late coming, skipping the classes, too short skirts, slutiness, flirtation, extravagant make-up, smoking, cribbing at the test, making eyes to teachers, etc. But aren’t these too insignificant reasons to spank the bottoms till they get red and bruised? Not for their bosses and college heads – the girls deserve the hardest thrashing ever!

2. Cruel spankers
The men and women, delivering so disciplining pain to the office and college asses, are mature enough to remember their own sore bottoms but too young to be the adepts of corporal punishments, so popular right up to the beginning of the twenty century. What makes these ladies and gentlemen remove the panties from the girls, bend them over the knee and spank hard?

First, people with canes, paddles and floggers want the offices and colleges to be ideal places for work and study (no rule-breaker escapes punishment here!). Second, the women and men, who prefer slapping to verbal punishment, know too well that spanking disciplines great as they have learnt a few lessons many years ago. Third, they just like smacking the female asses!

3. Humiliating indictment
Ok, a girl is caught red-handed and sent to the head’s office. As this is her first mistake, so she is sure nothing but a short rebuke is waiting for her (in some cases, the babe can’t understand what she did, omg!). Of course, the miserable girl is mistaken as she is in the office of a spanker, inexorable and too enraged to just say a few dirty words to this rule-breaker.

And now that the bad girl knows what her mistake is, it is time to get a spanking lesson started. The dom starts with soft caning (the girl is still dressed), then pulls up her skirt and makes the spank slave undress to her panties and stockings. If the girl tries to resist this attack, things get crueler – for example, the dom pulls her hair or downs the stupid babe.

4. Merciless spanking
If you have already been a spanker, then you have a few favorite slapping methods, right? Spanking Them folk used to deliver the discipline pain to the bad girls bent over the knees (OTK), lying on their lap, twisting under their arms, stooped over a couch, knelt, spread on all fours, handcuffed to the ceiling chain, etc.

As for the accessories for the thrashing lessons, there are floggers (for brutal flagellation and gagging), canes (for leaving the stingy traces on the bad bottoms), paddles (some of the spankers are mad about using them as girls cry esp. loud), belts (oh my nasty girl, you know what belt’s lick is, I bet!) and, of course, their skilled palms.

The girls, destined for getting the spanking lessons, should get ready to 1) open their mouths for panty gags – yes, this is very humiliating, 2) bear the pain of hair-pulling, 3) listen to unfair words about their behavior, 4) suffer from pain – from humiliating and bearable to stingy and making them cry and beg for stop to bearable again as excitement joins the game.

5. Masturbation
Finally, the crying girls are ready to say sorry – but it is too early to stop it. The spankers know that punishment works better if pain goes with pleasure. That’s why every spanking lesson ends up with clit fingering, pussy stuffing with sex toys (plastic and silicone) and, at times, anal masturbation with the beads. Humiliating? Oh yes. Exciting? Maybe.

The exhausted babes with spanked buttocks, breasts and pussies really take pleasure in masturbation. But why?! Their pussies are rubbed against the lap of the spankers so much that the girls could cum right during spanking if only the doms let. Then, (hush, this is a secret), some of the girls do the bad things purposely as they want to be spanked hard!


13+ HD photosets of spanked women, ~ 90 images each (850×1280)

13+ HD spanking video episodes, ~ 20 mins each

One spanking lesson is added to Spanking Them approx. once a week.

$29.95/1 month (recurring)
$59.95/3 months (non-recurring)


Why have I joined Spanking Them and downloaded all HD videos with sexy uniform babes punished hard? Ok, there is my confession – as I am going to try soft spanking, I would like to learn more about this kind of female disciplining to try it one day. Why here? Although the spankers don’t control themselves while doing their stingy work, the spanking sessions are still erotic, not too extreme and brutal.

Why should you join Spanking Them? You are searching for slapping videos (you are here, right?), you are bored with everything you have already seen and just dreaming to find a HD site with never seen young sexy girls, cruel spankers, red bruised asses, painful masturbation and tearful sorry. I think this site looks worth visiting in this case.

What should you do if you like sports exercising girls and have no idea if you like spanking? You can just visit Spanking Them and check out HD photos on the main page. I am sure this tour is catchy and complete enough to help you make a decision. By the way, you wanted to slap a sports girl, too lazy to perform a perfect wheel and too unreachable to do the morning exercises with you too many times, right?

Click here to enter Spanking Them!