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Who is your ideal woman? Who is that woman, whose ephemeral look is always in your head, exciting and dizzy? Don’t answer, because it is obvious. 1) She is strong. 2) She is muscular. 3) She is perfect from top to toe. She is one of these strong, muscular, perfect women, who demonstrate their biceps, triceps, abs, quadriceps, calves, etc. at SheMuscle. If you think – oh no, you’re kidding me, my ideal is still far from me – then just visit this site, and she will say hello to you, flexing her muscles.


1. Women: fitness models, bodybuilders
Brian Moss, the Better Bodies Gym owner and a photographer, has created this site to let you enjoy the ideal female beauty, muscular and strong. So, you can imagine how perfect and professional each of the female bodybuilder photos is! His models, the amateur and professional female bodybuilders (including the Ms. Olympia competitors) plus the well-toned fitness women are all very different but have something in common. They are all look mind-blowing, whether doing the weight-gaining exercises or just undressing and exposing for you!

2. Locations: gyms, hotel rooms, competitions
Like many sites, dedicated to muscular women, She Muscle shows you the strong beauty in gym interior, among the barbells, dumbbells, exercise machines, etc. I.e., you’ll see the fitness models and nude female bodybuilders doing all kinds of weight-gaining exercises at gyms. But unlike the other female bodybuilder sites, She Muscle lifts the veil from the backstage life of strong women, e.g. showing them in the hotel rooms (before they appear on the stage). Moreover, here are some female bodybuilder competition episodes.

3. Action: posing, weight lifting, softcore games
What are the main components of every good nude female bodybuilder show? First, a pumped-up body of a muscular woman, shown in all positions and from all viewpoints. Second, her particular sex appeal, visible in every motion of her strong female bodybuilder body. Third, a set of weight-gaining exercises or stripping positions or exposing postures, including nudity and some softcore self-satisfaction. As you could guess, every She Muscle photoset or video clip includes all these components. Plus, some episodes feature the soft female bodybuilder lesbian games.

4. Fetish: nude muscular body, lingerie, nylon
Sexy muscular models pose and stretch their panties, demonstrate their pumped-up legs in pantyhose, show the amazing feet and astonish you with their perfect butts. You can also enjoy the smoking naked bodybuilders and the naughty fitness models, wearing the sexiest high-heeled shoes. And sure, here are lots of backstage and posing photos, featuring the female bodybuilders during various female bodybuilder competitions. Brian Moss also tries to experiment with s/m and voyeur themes.


140+ photo galleries, approx. 100 images each (resolution: 600×900), feature sexy muscular women in all kinds of action.

85+ movies of female bodybuilders and fitness girls, approx. 5 minutes each, in WMV format.

She Muscle updates on a weekly basis with a fitness or a bodybuilding photo or video episode.

1. Model index
80 well-toned fitness models and 33 strong female bodybuilders are here for your pleasure.
2. Photo of the week
The best of the best photo (by Brian Moss opinion) features a sexy female bodybuilder or an amazing fitness model.

$27.95/1 month (recurring)
$34.95/1 month (non-recurring)


She Muscle is a great site that gives you a chance to enjoy the most amazing strong muscle women on the net. Created by a real pro in female bodybuilding and in erotic photography, this photo-video world of muscular female beauty is totally exclusive, unique and very explicit. Strong female bodybuilders and fitness women, undressing, posing, lifting weight, playing lesbian softcore games, demonstrating their muscles, etc., invite you to learn more about their life. And don’t forget about your ideal woman – you have to meet her inside this hot female bodybuilding site!

Update: The site SheMuscle has been closed and is not avaiable for join now!