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Bad news. It is almost forbidden to use rats and guinea pigs in science research (thanks, greenies). But if we want to find remedy for main deceases (do you know about ED?), then we guys must become the test men. Yes, we must be put to experiments. Ready?

Good news. It will not hurt you (almost) if you let a couple of beautiful female doctors take your basic measurements, check out your asshole, add some weight to your balls, fuck you with a strapon…What? Are you afraid? But Medical Femdom needs YOU for the next experiment!


1. Medical mistresses

Well, now that you are shocked (a bit) but interested in tasting this new kind of medical fun (a lot), let’s get to know the medical queens who wanna put you to their tests. Teen med bitches, merciless babes-doctors and mature dommes are the medical femdom crew you must obey.

First, they are super creative when it comes to medical exam tests and extremely heartless when you try to slip away from them. Second, there are scientists (clever, arrogant) and their assistants (wicked and not so clever) and you are in the middle of their non-stop who-is-more-mistressy contest.

Third, Medical Femdom is a place where all babes wear med uniform, erotic lingerie and high heels. Science babes, as a rule, wear office dress and glasses (to look like real scientists) but, and it happens in a regular basis they forget their panties at home… So, you should have no fear as these medical mistresses are beautiful and hot.

2. Submissive test men

How about your mates – the men who’d never imagine themselves as guinea pugs but have become them here? If you are sure that only skinny teen guys or stupid nerds let medical femdom babes catch and torture their cocks and asses, then…yes, you’ve already guessed – you are wrong.

Average teen guys who want to get a health certificate for their first driver license; beefy 25+ y. o. security dudes who want to get a well-paid job; mature men who just pass thru the annual male physical – all of them become the test men.

3. Nude sports

Okay, let’s start with something ordinary and routine – just to let you come to yourself. First, you must strip to nothing – in the same way the sports babes you love so much (and obedient guys from Medical Femdom) do. The reason? You must perform naked exercises.

Yes, one of the medical femdom tests you have to pass thru is nude sports. Submissive men do the squats, the front bends, the stretches in all directions and even nude yoga postures to demonstrate their great (and average) shape and stamina.

4. Medical female domination

Now that you’ve demonstrated your shape to these medical sluts, it is time to expose you to some medical experiments. Let’s start with…cool down, it is only a blood pressure cuff, not shackles. So, you have to get top-to-toe measured (your penis will be checked in the relaxed and erected states at this phase of medical exam!).

Then, most of Medical Femdom surveys are science researches, where your dick should be put to some not very pleasurable tests (relax, you are not in danger of losing your treasury) and a few kinky and thrilling experiments, such as milking, prostate massage, ball busting, nipple wiring, etc.

Moreover, as your asshole should be fucked, medical dommes will strapon you mercilessly – but ain’t you ready for anything in the cause of science? However, you can avoid straponing – if your erection is okay (it is great, right?) – and even fuck a sexy medical assistant as a science test.

5. Classic femdom games

Are you still keeping in your mind the high heels and stockings, put on the medical dommes? Oh yes, the science babes, nurses and med assistants use this arsenal all out – for mind-blowing footjob (your cock and balls attacked!), striptease tests and nylon leg slavery (yes, you must worship their legs in stockings).

You’ll also get a taste of face-sitting, forced masturbation, trampling, ball kicking and cock tortures (pretty soft). But as for me, there is no torture harder and shame more humiliating than being absolutely nude, with spread ass and forced to wank off before two beautiful clothed women…What are your thoughts?


14 image sets (~50 medical femdom photos each) for the time being

14 medical femdom videos (~22 mins each) as of today

Medical Femdom adds a new episode once a week

$9.95/3 days (recurring)
$29.95/1 month (recurring)
$59.95/3 months (non-recurring)


Even don’t think to say no to Medical Femdom science women and their assistants, nasty nurses and military doctors – you MUST let them use your body and soul in their oh-so-important experiments! Or you are not a 100% he-man and…you must do it all the more.

Seriously, Medical Femdom is not a site where every man can enjoy sexy med girls. It is a very special place where really serious medical mistresses put men to extreme and even shocking experiments – and I wouldn’t recommend it to the guys who swoon even from a picture of med devices.

But if you do have idea that can happen to you in the doc’s office where horny medical mistresses (and their devices, high heels and nude dominating pussies) are waiting for you, then this is your site. Go, give yourself up to Medical Femdom and enjoy.

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