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Lesbian sex addict? Okay, you’ve already enjoyed glamour Sapphic sex, schoolgirl tender love, ultimate surrender strapon fucking, and lesbian gymnastics. But how about something more special, outdoor and military? Something like Lesbian Army?

No, you mustn’t join an army to stare at sexy war-painted lesbians in military uniform at exhausting monkey drilling with strapon sex final. To enjoy the military lesbians you should only open Lesbian Army and check out its member area!


1. Lesbian female sergeants

What compels beautiful girls to see duty and not only as common army girls but also as non-coms? Looks like Lesbian Army has found an answer to this question – these girls, besides their special temper and cruelty, have got a very special penchant for…other girls!

Not every young woman in general and even army girl in particular can put on a strapon and start fucking a muddy exhausted female soldier. But as dominant military bitches you will see at Lesbian Army are incredibly creative and vicious (but sexy and still feminine), so they can, be sure!

2. Obedient army girls

Eastern European girls – from teen skinny cuties with lil titties to delicious sporty babes with big boobs – are the raiders, foot-sloggers and commandos, whose pussies get attacked at Lesbian Army after exhausting naked outdoor conditioning.

As the military babes’ characters are portrayed out very well, so you can enjoy a whole palette of female obedience and disobedience in military uniform, from hidden aggression and hatred against hard-driving sergeants to open adoration and fuck-me-now air.

You will see army girls getting trained and fucked by their lesbian serges in the one-on-one and group (up to three submissive naked recruits) modes. In both cases, army girls look (and not only look but also feel) ready for anything to satisfy their cruel sergeants in all meanings of this word.

3. Military uniform and kit

Brutal uniform of female recruits makes army babes look fearsome but a bit clumsy. Heavy ugly boots (no stilettos and fashion boots here), baggy pants, army jacket, soldier’s blouse…there no place for sexiness, in this military humdrum!? Nothing of the kind!

Camouflage clothes make nude bodies look touching and hot in its own manner – because of the contrast between the uniform brutality and female body sexuality. As for sergeants, these lesbian sluts wear short camo skirts and tops and look terrific (esp. while being strapon-clad).

Besides military uniform, here is a nice kit of army equipment – pioneer shovels, grenades, ropes, car tires (as an obstacle). And don’t forget about a good collection of silicone and glass dildos, used by female serges for turning army slow cows into ideal soldiers!

4. Exhausting outdoor drilling

I’d divide military training ordeals of Lesbian Army into two groups. The first one includes naked and in-boots exercises – squats, leg lifts, toe touches, jumps, hamstring stretches, pushups, situps, etc. – i.e. routine workouts you can see at other nude sports sites.

Seal crawling, jogging, obstacle race, battle march, dirty burrowing in the sand, messing about in the mud, retrenching, exercises with a pioneer shovel are the second group of military drills, performed by obedient female soldiers and you can see these things only here.

5. Masturbation and lesbian sex

Finally, let’s talk about one of the main gimmicks of Lesbian Army – military lesdom. What is this in the army context? First, naked and squeezed out yard birds must masturbate in the end of every outdoor monkey drilling – right on the ground and in the nude!

Second, lesbian sergeants use strapons to punish their recruits for laziness and train them in army obedience, mutual aid (in case of soldier vs. soldier fucking), stamina, stress resistance and other useful military features. And yes, cruel lesbian sergeants really enjoy fucking the soldiers!


A good many exclusive image galleries of lesbian military trainings, approx. 100 photos each (2136×3216 resolution)

Lots of HD exclusive army lesbian videos, 17 – 30 mins each, featuring army girls in action

Lesbian Army updates once a week

Free full bonus access to SpecialExercises.com (a sports female domination site) with 1 or 3-months membership.

$9.95 / 3 days (recurring, gives access to LesbianArmy.com only)
$29.95 / 1 month (recurring, additional bonus access to SpecialExercises.com)
$59.95 / 3 months (non-recurring, additional bonus access to SpecialExercises.com)


Before now, the hot concept of forceful army homoerotism has been realized only at a few gay military sites. Lesbian Army is the first and only site (No1, in short), featuring obedient army girls and strict female sergeants with strapons in military routine and lesbian sex.

So, this unique site is for those lovers of lesbian sex who 1) feel tired of softcore stuff, 2) don’t think twice before watching female domination videos, 3) have a penchant for girls in uniforms and 4) never get satisfied with mediocre quality videos and photos. Oh yes, you are in!

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To get a taste of military lesdom life of Lesbian Army, just check out Military Training section of the blog. Whether you prefer watching group army workups or want to know more about 1-on-1 trainings, you will enjoy both of them here. This section is a real guide to Lesbian Army, giving you a preview (in the form of a few photos with detailed text description) of every new military training video, added to the site.

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