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Female orgasm? You know everything about it! But are you sure that your gf really finishes every time while having sex with you? In case you don’t know, every third sex-evoked “real” orgasm is simulated… What? You really had no idea of? Time to take a closer look at female orgasm!

But who will help you detect the fake climaxes? Let’s ask female and male gynecologists and scientists from Gyno Orgasm Videos to make real girls cum for you. All the more that these ambitious sexperts are already deep in studying such an exciting phenomenon as pussy orgasm!


1. Lusty orgasm experts
As pussy orgasm is a very delicate process, depending on many factors, so who’d make women experience the most intense big O in their life? Male and female gynecologists and sex scientists – and the more experienced they are, the bigger kick out of cumming their patients get.

Then, these specialists must be open-minded and even ready to join their masturbating examinees – just to help them have the real orgasms. And finally, it doesn’t matter how old the experts are – the hunger for playing the orgasmic games doesn’t depend on fem age!

As you could already suppose, Gyno Orgasm Videos has invited a bunch of mostly female gynecologists and scientists, from teen and mature, to bring on women’s chime on the most breathtaking medical and sex ways. And their lustiness is beyond average, don’t forget.

2. Sexy test women
It’d be a mistake to study women’s orgasms on the fast-excited babes who haven’t even heard of climax simulation. It’d be another mistake to research female orgasm on 100% frigid babes who have never finished or on women who don’t get off during sex while hitting the top during masturbation.

So, all types of girls – from absolutely sexless girlies to pretty hot babes to orgasm-addicted chicks – are the test babes, whose climax should be studied all out. An amazing collection of female bodies (skinny, slim, athletic, chubby, etc.) and tempers (shy, wild, hot, slutty, and all)!

And it doesn’t matter if an examinee is a shy teen cutie or if she is a mature married slut – it is almost impossible to guess how intense her orgasm will be! At least, I’ve watched all the female orgasm videos and foretold no one of strong and multiple climaxes by the girl look!

3. Medical examination
Gyno Orgasm Videos is a medical fetish site in the first place. That’s why you should get ready to see a lot of medical things, used by doctors and scientists actively for vital stat measuring, blood pressure gauging, temperature taking, rhino and neuro exams and other bizarre tests.

Then, as gyno exam is a necessary hardship every girl has to pass before taking part in the real orgasm experiments, so gynecological chairs, speculums (metal and plastic), cotton buds and other special medical thingies are also used here keenly at the scrupulous gyno exams.

4. Female orgasm galore
As it is pretty easy to simulate pussy orgasm, so every test girl passes this amazing test under close control of a fem or male examiner. Being equipped with sex toys of all sorts and sizes, Hitachi Magic Wands and special orgasm detectors, the sexperts are totally ready to catch every big O paroxysm.

And the nude babes are ready to get off! Following the orders of the female orgasm researchers, they do everything to find their G and U spots, tease their clitty in a fast and a slow ways, finger-fuck their tight and not so tight vaginas and experience their first ever vaginal or multiple orgasms!

I’d also like to draw your attention to lesbian orgasm and doctor-patient sex. Here are a few episodes with sexy lesbian babes, making out and teasing each other’s clitties. And here are also several scenes, where a sexpert fucks his patient or a fem scientist masturbates together with her examinee!


– 14 photo galleries (~120 pussy orgasm images each, 1280×720) on the launch day

– 14 female orgasm videos (~ 21 mins length) for the time being

Every week Gyno Orgasm Videos adds a new HQ episode

$29.95 / 1 month (recurring)
$59.95 / 3 months (non-recurring)


Well, you wanted to learn more about female orgasm, remember? And we supposed that Gyno Orgasm Videos was a site, where you’d find everything about pussy orgasms in the form of the detailed high quality reports with close-up views of pulsating vaginas, erected nipples, spread pussies, etc.

My thoughts? This medical fetish site could be your guide to female orgasms but only if you are ready to get to know what real orgasm is. Because it is not polished-up smiles, flirty moans and very erotic positions. Real orgasm is sweat, spasms, sharp body motions, squeezed teeth (no angelic faces here), wrinkled up foreheads…Enough?

In case you are not afraid of dying with heart attack while observing a real girl shaking and shivering with real intense climax, Gyno Orgasm Videos (and its orgasmic collection) is ready to teach you how to detect female orgasm and get a big kick out of detecting it.

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