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If I were going to go…gay (theoretically!), I’d prefer to do it for the first time with a proctologist or an andrologist – a male doctor who really knows where my sensitive spots are and how to lose gay virginity in the most exciting and safe way…But why the fuck did I decide to discuss my possible gay way?

The reason is Gyno Lesbians – a lesbian sex site, where Sapphic gyno doctors lead astray their patients. I’ve watched a few of its medical lesbian videos, and the kinky idea about gay first time has come into my head. Crazy? Oh yes. So, let’s forget it and watch sexy girls turn lesbians as their gynies are lusty lizzies!


1. Lesbian gynecologists
On the one hand, it is so easy to go lesbian if you are a gynecologist, inspecting pussies on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you do it every day, there is nothing interesting and exciting for you in this sight… Although I am not a pussy doctor, I suppose these gynies must like their job and patients – like strong enough to wanna have sex with them. And they do!

Gyno Lesbians is a world of mature and young doctors in white smocks, sexy lingerie, pretty high heels and stockings who look professional in physical and gyno exams and pretty sophisticated in lesbian seduction and sex (most of them). They are dominating and sensual at the same time and dream to rip away the cover of shame from lesbian sex for their too shy patients.

2. Seduced test girls
Lesbian seduction is a thing most of straight girls dream of finding themselves under (it is great to kiss a girl!) but feel dirty while giving up to (it is wrong to kiss a girl!). When it comes to temptation at the gyno exams, everything goes simpler – she is lying on the back, with a speculum in her pussy and spread legs and unable to say no to this strict lady doctor!

I am not sure all these test girls are lesbian sex first-timers as many of them look too ready to get seduced and sophisticated in lesbian pussy licking. But here are also shy teen cuties who look really confused and even shocked while getting titty-kissed and clitty-rubbed. Anyhow, these testees start enjoying this gyno sex sooner or later.

3. Gyno examination
Medical fetish theme is mixed with Sapphic sex at Gyno Lesbians – that’s why every episode includes a routine checkup and a gyno exam. First, every future lesbian sex toy must get measured, blood pressure and temperature examined and totally palpated. The reason? I think it is because the doctors want their patients start feeling more relaxed and let gyno lesbians do more hardcore things with them.

Then, as soon as every patient has passed the physical, her pussy must get speculumed. If you are a fan of spread pussy closeups and like examining vaginas, wombs, clitties, labia, etc., you will find here the excellent up-close views of all types of female intimate spots from tiny teen to chubby mature. And erected nipples, deep breathing chests and bellies, squeezed teeth are also here in quantity.

4. Medical lesbian sex
As for me, the lesbian pussy doctors want not so much to taste yet another pussy as to subdue the girls, show the sweets of lesbian love to them and make their patients cum. Gyno sex is a cunning mix of soft but pushy seduction (titty squeezing as if for a test, G-spot stimulation thru speculum, ass fingering in the rubber gloves) and open lesbian fucking (tongue kisses, pussy licking, 69ing, sex toying and strapon screwing).

As I’ve already said, the patients even don’t try to resist (most of them). So, I suppose these girls are ready for lesbian sex deep inside, and this gyno seduction is nothing but the best chance for them to stay innocent (they are not the initiators) but taste lesbian love. As for sex, although they get the biggest kick out of tongue job, strapon drilling is also in their must-try-in-lesbian-sex list. Lil whores!


– 15+ high def lesbian gyno sex image galleries (approx. 120 photos each) for the time being

– 15+ HD videos (approx. 23 mins length) of medical lesbian sex on the launch day

A new lesbian medical sex episode is added weekly to Gyno Lesbians

$29.95 / 1 month (recurring)
$59.95 / 3 months (non-recurring)


As a lesbian sex site, Gyno Lesbians fulfills lots (and maybe all) of your how-it-must-be-among-girls dreams. Gorgeous lesbian women, bold seduction, passionate kisses, sophisticated pussy licking and hot dildoing on the one hand and cute fem love first-timers, shy kiss response, subdued fuck-me poses and first lesbian orgasms on the other hand.

As a medical fetish site, Gyno Lesbians invites you to get to know in detail what happens to women at gynecological exams. But neither shocking bondage and enemas, nor nipple clapping is inside. In other words, you can watch the medical fetish videos, being not afraid of fainting away from too fetish terrible sights of bound tits, swollen clapped clitties, etc.

As a must-join site for you as a lover of sporty girls, Gyno Lesbians is a world of slim Sapphic doctors and patients (except a few delicious chicks) who strike the hottest sex gymnastics positions on the couches and have got really amazing moral flexibility… So, to be or not to be a Gyno Lesbians member is not the question for me. I am.

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