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Flexi Angels? Who are flexi – angels? WTF is going on in God’s realm? What happened to his winged babes? Why are they wing-less and looking like lizards, not birds?.. OMG, I’ve got it! God decided to send his angels to earth because he couldn’t see my “no new flexible babes” pain anymore!

Seriously speaking, Flexi Angels is a catchy name of a site I hit on recently, where flexible babes (naked and dressed-up in the hottest gymnastics outfits) bend and stretch like devils (yes, this “angels like devils” phrase is hackneyed but it looks so fit for this part of my review, lol).

So, I’d like to invite you to peep into Flexi Angels memzone, where young beautiful babes show you the wonders of non nude and naked contortion, gymnastics, yoga and acrobatics and where sports girls have lesbian and classic sex. And everything is not as banal as it sounds, believe me!


1. Young flexible women.
39 bendy gymnasts, dancers, ballerinas, female contortionists, amateur sports girl, fitness women and even porn stars are here for the time being. And, sure thing, every week you meet a new extremely or pretty flexible nude or totally dressed girl, going to blow your mind with her sports or (and) sex talents. Hot or not? Sure, it is hot.

It is quite a stupid occupation, imho, to describe beauty and flexibility of the Flexi Angels as you can see almost all of them at the flash main page even without joining the site. Of course, every gymnast girl is hot and sexy in her own way, and all young sports babes are resemble one another in their must-wow litheness.

2. From gymnastics to sex
Yes, they do gymnastics everything you think they must do, from posing and stretching to bending their bodies in the nude contortion human knot to performing the chest, hand, shoulder and other stands to spreading their legs in the most expressive standing, seated and lying splits. Yes, each nude and dressed-up pa or exercise is perfectly done.

Lesbian sex. Indeed, the Flexi Angels do have it. But they are angels, remember? So, most of lesbian sex gymnastics and contortion episodes are just girl-girl a la sex posing and stretching, which, though, excite you stronger than any fucking (maybe because the flexible babes do it in the clothes?). Sure, here is also hot real lesbian sex.

As for classic porn, when a sports babe blows a gym cock and pleases her fitness nude instructor on a fitball or a mat, here are a few hardcore episodes (non-exclusive). Some sudden hard exercising among softcore gymnastics always more than excites me. And you will also enjoy these porn sports episodes, I bet.

3. Sexy clothes and shoes
Sportswear – leotards, swimsuits, bra and panties, pants and tops, body suits, etc. – is the most frequently met apparel at Flexi Angels, and it shouldn’t be a surprise for us as this site is about flexible gymnasts. Here are also ballerina outfits, mini dresses, glamour gowns, latex and nylon suits and other sexy get-ups to drop down or stay in for the show.

Lingerie – sexy panties, fashion bras, classic suspenders, pantyhose, stockings and socks – is the next heap of clothing, tickling our imagination while being on the flexible babes and hiding their nude sports sweets for the time being. It is so amazing that I couldn’t decide what I like more – gymnastics outfit or lingerie.

Shoes – stilettos, high-heeled open-toes, platforms, ballerina shoes, sneakers, etc. – are also teasing us and adding a zest to the look of the flexible gymnasts, dancers, ballerinas, contortion babes and sports amateurs. As a rule, even a nude flexible seductress stays in her shoes to the end of her show. So cute!


– 6,656+ photos (450×600, 1042×768) of flexible girls in nude gymnastics and non naked sports

– 80+ movies (stream and downloadable) of sexy female contortionists and sports babes in gymnastics

~ 4 photo and 6 video updates per month

1. Bonus pics and videos
10,000+ movies and 150,000+ photos – flexible babes, latex fetish, hardcore, etc. – added daily.

2. Reviews of hot porn sites
414+ short but honest reviews of noteworthy porn pay sites with links on them and important info.

3. Free access to 28 sites
– Hardcore sites (party, blowjob, deep throat, extreme sex, fucking in a bang van and porn stage)
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– Other sites (amateurs, Asians, matures, flexible girls, fatties, ex girlfriends, transsexuals, lesbians and teen girls)

$29.95 / 1 month
$59.95 / 3 months


Sooth to say, Flexi Angels attracted me with its gymnastics non nudity. Looks like I feel pretty tired of spread nude sport pussies and dream of chaste gymnastics much stronger that I could think. So, its non nude episodes are the real paradise for my sex-fed-up eyes and porn-overloaded mind. Feeling the same? Flexi Angels is here.

At the same time, I’m addicted to nude acrobatics, gymnastics, contortion, yoga, etc. and couldn’t leave without flexible nudity and beauty (“a new naked sports babe every day!”). That’s why Flexi Angels is also for me (and you, I bet) – here are many absolutely nude gymnast girls, showing their pussies and young tits.

Finally, the huge amount of fetish, hardcore, bdsm, etc. sites (bonus and free access) also excites me (or rather my inner porn fan and his friend – money-saving maniac) – and I am happy to get them all for free. And don’t even try to say that you don’t want to get access to almost 30 pay sites for a price of one – I’ll never believe you.

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