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Beautiful Russian gymnasts and ballet dancers perform the best contortion show in your life, taking their clothes off in passing and enthralling you with their gorgeous nude bodies and amazing flexibility. CL-Erotic or Crystal Lizard Erotic is quite possibly the greatest site, featuring the super lissome girls whose contortion abilities are so remarkable, that just crying to be showed to the rest of the world. And these girls hide nothing, letting you see them totally nude.


1. Nude flexibility as artwork
If there’s a better way of showing the most flexible girls in the world to enjoy their orgasmic lissome bodies in various positions than filming them, everyone would like to know. Because there’s no another way. And there’s no another site, where you could see so beautiful girls in so unique contortion positions, looking so attractive and performing so free and easy. Once you look at them, you understand – these girls aren’t just the contortionists. They are the actresses, acting very impressively, as if being captured by this passionate dance of flexibility. And this is not just a contortion show. This is a miracle, an obsessive dream coming reality.

2. Solo girls
Most of the photo and video scenes are the solo performances. Each show of one flexible actress is a short imperishable work of gymnastics art, breathtaking and eye-catching, as if telling you about this girl. At the beginning, she can be dressed (and all the clothes are very seductive!), but she gets rid of her dress while bending and contorting, as if these clothes don’t let her express herself in full. Some of models start totally nude, daring enough to astonish you with their naked goodies from the very beginning. But others can stay semi-dressed till the end.

3. Girls-on-girls / Boys and girls
No doubt, this part of contortion show is the most passionate and calling you to assess this site by its true value. Every episode is a short love-life story, full of fervor and obsession, filmed very professionally and inviting you to know everything about feelings of this couple of tender girls or passionate lovers. And all the feelings are in form of contortion dance, very fervent and full of flexible artistry! Those scenes, where a guy and two flexible girl picture their relations on the contortion art canvas, are especially impressive…

4. Fetish theme
Due to their absolutely unique flexibility, the beautiful gymnasts from CL-Erotic are able to show you so exciting sides of such fetish themes as foot fetish and captivity. Whether you are mad about something extra or just loving to discover the new ways to enjoy erotica, you’ll be amazed with these sections. Just imagine a girl, so flexible that she is able to kiss her toes. Or maybe you prefer to handcuff a lissome chick to enjoy her motionless submissive state?


677+ picture galleries, approx. 150 high quality exclusive photos each.

437+ exclusive video clips, approx. 4 min each in Real Video, DivX MPEG-4 and Windows Media formats, downloadable.

CL-Erotic updates with new photo and video episodes every 3 days.


1. Forum
Active message board, where members leave their comments and discuss the new episodes and models, is the important part of this flexibility-loving society.
2. Model list
Members have possibility to browse scenes by models, clicking the models’ thumbs. Every model page has photo of this model with short characteristic of her contortion skills and strains and a list of photo and video series of her.
3. Erotic stories and video shop
In addition to contortion art collection, you can choose a movie with flexible girls. And if you love to read erotic stories, so the super exciting reading is waiting for you inside.

$34.95 / 1 month (recurring)
$69.95 / 3 months (non-recurring)

Rare and amazing. These two words describe CL-Erotic in full. There’re no sites, where you could find girls more beautiful and flexible than here. There’re no gymnasts able to perform so passionately and with so visible pleasure. Gorgeous Russian girls not only open the door in the world of contortion art but they also turn your world upside-down with their unique talents. And you are able to dream about nothing but this terrific show.