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Female bodybuilders. Strong muscular women with hard bodies. Oh yes, all your life you have been wondering if their vaginal muscles as pumped up as their biceps and triceps or not! Now, you have a unique chance to find out everything about their strong sexuality. Animal magnetism, power and flexibility of tigresses, visible in every motion of Body Builders In Heat, will draw your attention for a long time and turn you into a real fan of these strong beauties.


1. Hard-bodied girls and milfs
It’s not so easy to find a site with muscular women galore. Body Builders In Heat solves this problem and lets you see the sexiest of them. All kinds of women in excellent shape are here to impress you with their strong bodies. Buffed amateur girls and hard-bodied weight trainers, fitness models and mighty wrestlers – and all of them are sexy and horny! And you’ll see not only young female bodybuilders but also there’s a lot of sexy muscular milfs.

2. Solo exposing and masturbation
What could muscular women do being tired of pumping iron? To show their beefy bodies, no doubt! And, as all these exercises sex them up, so they are not only showing off but also masturbating! Whether they are dressed in sports tops and shorts or wearing sexy swimsuits, bikinis and lace lingerie, they are always super hot and looking fearsome but very attractive. They are as if showing off their sexual energy, inviting you to take a step and check out their muscles! This is so breathtakingly hot that you cannot shift your glance from their hard bodies. And when they start masturbating…it’s just wow!

3. Sex with beefy men and women
Are lesbian sex and hardcore scenes the main reasons why you are here? Yes, sure! Well, you won’t stay disappointed, because these muscular babes adore fucking with each other and with strong men. You’ll see obsessive lesbian games, wild anal sex, passionate blowjobs, threesomes and foursomes, i.e. everything what you call the good porn scenes. But. As these girls aren’t ordinary sluts, so get ready to see the really mind-blowing sex, driving you mad with its power. Yes, these hard-bodied women do it extremely hard!

4. Muscular beauty in various interiors
As there’s nothing more natural than female bodybuilding show in gyms, so lots of the hard-bodied models lift weight, expose and play hardcore games in front of the cameras in gyms. However, there’re many other places, which make this strong female beauty shine and sparkle from all sides. The muscular women show off and have sex at home, poolside, on the beaches etc – everywhere!


Approx. 40 picture galleries (several dozens pictures in each) let you observe the muscular women from all sides.

There’re 36+ video clips in Windows Media format, featuring muscular girls in all kinds of action, from exposing to hardcore.


1. Model list
36 beautiful strong women are the main personages of this never-ending show named Body Builders In Heat. Clicking a model name, you see this model’s pages with all of her photos.

2. Bonus video galleries
35+ feeds featuring video clips of various niches (big tits, bbw, ethnic porn, mature etc) are accessible for every member.

3. Movie of the day
Members can watch a new Channel69video movie on a daily basis.

4. Other extras
Live sex show, Pay Per View Theater and online video store.


$4.95/3 days
$24.95/1 month


Bodybuilders In Heat is a breathtaking combination of solo exposing, masturbation, lesbian games and hardcore action, where rough female beauty is highlighted with strong sex appeal. There are neither bodybuilder’s tricks, no special effects used to make ordinary girls look like strong muscular women. This site is a unique place where real hard-bodied women show their raw sexuality in all kinds of action. And if you are not against to taste this strong sexiness yourself, so you have to check out this site. If only you are not afraid of these beautiful muscular girls and strong milfs.

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