Red hot topless pantyhose aerobics and boxing

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Topless pantyhose sports girl boxing

If female boxers were as jumpy and slim as today’s pantyhose aerobics babe Alex, then boxing would become more popular than gymnastics or tennis among lovers of flexible sports girl! This creative pantyhose gymnastics fan has decided to mix pantyhose erotica, boxing and aerobics today – and this idea is really brilliant!

The pantyhose sports babe is topless, in black tights and having boxing gloves pulled on her hands; her hairdo is two ponytails. To demonstrate you her slim pantyhose gymnastics beauty all out, Alex has climbed on the sofa – and the camera lens is focused on her sports pantyhose pussy! The gymnast girl has nothing else to exercise with and, sooth to say, Alex needs nothing but boxing gloves to drive you crazy.

Alex’s pantyhose aerobics set is a dance-like complex of stretches, jumps, body twists, neck rolls, boxing exercises, leg raises, side and forward bends, etc. The sports girl in pantyhose moves erotically but actively, turning so that you can observe her nylon legs and nude jumping tits from all sides. Smiling at you and looking absolutely unexhausted, Alex, though, interrupts her aerobic pantyhose boxing from time to time.

What kinds of sport breaks does Alex do to come to herself for a few seconds and then keep on doing pantyhose aerobics? This sporty girl drops on the sofa and stretches so provokingly that fires you up even stronger than while jumping and boxing!.. In the end of this hot pantyhose boxing set, the gymnast girl pulls off her gloves and gives you a glimpse of her nude pussy by stretching her black tights!

Episode rating: pantyhose aerobics – 9/10, flexibility – 8/10, activity – 9/10, pantyhose gymnastics x-appeal – 10/10

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