Marta has a gym pantyhose fitness time

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Gym pantyhose girl Marta trains with a fitball

Gyms are turning into a playground of pantyhosesport girls to unleash their passion for solo fitness and couple stunts. For example, our today’s sexy gymnast Marta had recently a terrific double pantyhose sport time at the gym. But it seems like this sport girl feels no less excellent while doing pantyhose fitness exercises, lifting up her long legs and backbending with a fitball alone. Why not peep into this gym to get an eyeful of exercising babe in pantyhose?

Pantyhosesport girl Marta does the fitball side-lying stretches

The pantyhose gymnast is in a white kimono with a red belt (can you determine Marta’s karate rank by the color of her belt?), brown tights and…that’s all. The sport girl in pantyhose is going to do some workouts with a red fitness ball – a routine set of stretches and backbends, training up not only lots of muscles but also making better the balance skill. So, Marta drops her kimono, staying only in pantyhose, and starts doing the fitball exercises – the side-lying body lifts, the bridge and the push-ups.

Girl in pantyhose Marta does the fitball exercises at the gym

The next pantyhose fitness phase of Marta’s gym train-up consists of the standing arm lifts with the fitball. Excited with the gym pantyhose exercises, she even tries to get upon the ball, holding on to a punching bag. After that, the sport pantyhose gymnast has done several drills on the floor – the side-lying and on all fours leg lifts – and then several pantyhose yoga asanas such as the cat-cow and the lotus. Plus Marta has shown her dumbbelling technique.

Hip stretches in the knee-hand pose by pantyhose girl Marta

How about taking a closer look at Marta and admiring her gym pantyhose gymnastics, fitness and yoga habilities? 45 pantyhose photos of this flexible girl you’ll find at Pantyhose Sports – do it right now.

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