Sexy Lady B does home exercises in red pantyhose

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Sexy girl in red pantyhose does body twist with the body bar

Lady B is a cute girl with slim figure. At this set, she does home workout in pantyhose. The girl wears the yellow shirt, yellow shorts and the red fashion pantyhose. Lady B starts her exercises with the dumbbells. She does some hands stretches and toes touches, holding the dumbbells.

The hot girl shortly takes off her shorts and we can see the red pantyhose as is. Lady B is trying to tease us with the views of her tits – she lifts up the shirt for a moment and then takes it down. The girl does some more exercises with the dumbbells – presses and side bends.

Sexy girl in red fashion pantyhose does bridge exercise

Finally, Lady B decides to take the shirt off and leaves the bare breast. Now she takes the hoop and rotates it on her waist and boobs. The girl got the body bar and she does the body twists and front bends.

During the final part of the workout, Lady B uses no equipment – she simply does the bridge exercises in her red pantyhose.

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