In the nude fitness chase of Barbie doll waist

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Redhead busty nude gymnast does the side leg lifts

Even slim babes are ready to spend a whole life on doing the most exhausting naked exercises for a thin waist. If a sports girl has got a waist many inches thicker than the fucking doll’s one, she will be stretching nude till it is at least an inch thinner. And here is redhead sports babe Svetlana N., the sexpot who has already got Barbie’s breasts but still hasn’t the doll waist!

Busty fitness babe. First nude exercising? Yes, this stretching is the very first appearance of the busty redhead for the naked sports cameras. Pretty shy and passionless? Yes, the flexible nude babe lacks vehemence and teasing talent, and not only because this is her first naked gymnastics. Exact and well done exercises? Yes, the busty sports babe has got many skills, making her quite a good gymnast – so, let’s forgive her for coldness.

Arched back of a nude flexible babe with big tits

Dressed warmups. Bends (front and side, deep and light); shoulder and neck rolls; body twists and arm rotations are the non nude workouts done by this flexible babe in the beginning to prepare her muscles for hard naked exercising. This phase of Svetlana’s nudesports show is standing and including striptease (pretty plain and shy). Finally, the busty sports girl is only in the thong.

Stretching on the floor. Being in the panties and then absolutely nude, the flexible sports babe with naked gymnastics big tits has done situps, crunches, knee-hand leg lifts, hamstring-buttocks nude exercise, side-lying leg lifts, and naked yoga shoulderstand (playful dancing of the sports sexy legs in the air here!). What’s next? Of course, some jumps and exercises with dumbbells!

Supine naked exercise for legs by a busty flexible girl

Nude fitness. Standing, seated, knee-hand and squatted naked workouts with two dumbbells? Done! Sexy jumps with a skipping rope, mesmerizing with nude fitness tits jumps? Done! Exhausting hula-hooping for the thinnest waist ever? Done! And, finally, the sweated and happy flexible babe is in the easy nude yoga asana, saying goodbye to her cellulite, belly fat and thick waist? Done!

The best. 1) Warmups in the kitten heels – this redhead sports babe has got a bit of naughtiness. 2) Nude workouts on the floor in the black sexy thong. 3) Active squats and lungs with the fitness dumbbells. 4) Jumping naked sports tits – like crazy at rope skipping and slightly at hula-hooping. 5) Satisfied nude yoga seated asana in the end of this pretty cold but well done set of the fitness and gymnastics exercises.

Relaxed nude yoga babe in the easy asana

Episode rating: nude exercises – 8/10, flexibility – 7/10, activity – 8/10, naked gymnastics x-appeal – 8/10

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