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Sexy nude fitness babe bending with a skipping rope

Why is this flexible girl embarrassed? You know the answer – this is the first nude sports time of lovely fitness girl Maria D. (and the first ever fetish gymnastics appearance). And she needs a support! That’s why this flexible babe uses a sports cube besides a few gym toys and instead of a big nude fitness ball to lean upon while stretching – it doesn’t try to roll every time she does a naked exercise on it. The result? Quite a hot naked gymnastics show!

Lovely gymnast. This sports erotica shoot is not the hardest test of physical and moral resistance Maria has passed, but this set of nude exercises, done for the cams, is the most embarrassing daily dozen of hers. Why does this naked stretching confuse the flexible babe so much? Of course, this sports girl is sure she is not good enough to do it in the buff. Relax, babe, your body is sexy and flexy enough to make us watch. At least, once.

Naked gymnastics balance on an exercise cube

Naked fitness. A sexy skipping rope and two red dumbbells are the gym toys of our flexible girl, and she is going to squeeze the maximum of courage and self-confidence out of them. So, the naked fitness babe does lots of jumps over the rope (a few variants, jumping tits) and many sexy exercises with the dumbbells (on the gymnastics cube, in the standing position, nude boxing with the dumb-bells is also here).

Nude yoga. Leaning upon the cube, the flexible girl with so lovely and cunning smile does an unexpectedly best wheel in her life – and this nude yoga success makes her really able to do something really hard and hot. Cat-cow, cobra, plank, tree, hamstring-buttocks bridge, feet-to-head reach – aren’t these naked yoga asanas hard and hot enough to impress us? Maybe yes. But I am not sure.

Sports nude girl doing the sexy push-ups

Other nude exercises. Seated wide-legged and standing side bends, squats (also wide-legged), body stretches, pushups, hamstring stretches (nude gymnastics cube support), situps, leg bicycle (on the cube) and finally front splits and naked contortion knot (not very right but pretty lovely). I have to admit that the flexible babe has done her best to make us watch her video at least twice!

The best. 1) Dressed test of fitness toys and gymnastics cube. 2) Fast but lovely stripping with self caress and posing. 3) Various nude jumps over the rope and bends with it. 4) Standing and seated exercises with dumbbells – naked boxing is esp. sexy. 5) Stretching and balancing on the cube. 6) Pretty well done nude yoga asanas. 7) Lovely attempts to do the human knot and the front splits.

Nude flexible yoga girl doing the wheel

Episode rating: nude exercises – 9/10, flexibility – 8/10, activity – 9/10, naked gymnastics x-appeal – 8/10

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