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Busty nude gymnast in the hamstring buttocks bridge

It is very important to stay sexy and flexy when you are a favorite busty toy of lesbian sex addicted gymnasts and very popular among special exercises mistresses. And it is very important to include sex nude workouts in your daily dozen to polish up your sexiness and fuck appeal. That is why daily workout of busty gymnast girl Carmen used to include naked dancing, self-touching, erotic posing and other xxx things besides jumping, jogging and many yoga and gymnastics nude exercises. It is laudable!

28 y. o. flexible sport babe. She is fully nude from the very beginning. No fucking striptease and oh-so-embarrassed boobs and pussy hiding from the nudesport cam. Only smiling dancing and stretching, lower and upper body naked exercising, teasing self touching and flirtation with the camera guy, filming her nude gymnastics and dancing. I bet, this flexible babe with big tits is doing it for her ex and future lesbian sex trainers and lesdom sport mistresses!

Alternate leg raises by a big-titted naked sport girl

Sexy standing nude exercises. Being an amateur sports babe, the big-titted flexible slut prefers repeating every naked workout instead of doing other exercises. So, the standing phase of Carmen’s flexible gymnastics is a set of warmups for upper and lower body, repeated a few times and shown from all nudesport sides – and also dance-like and boobs-shaking (Carmen’s naked fitness jumps and jogging are something wow!). As for the unusual workouts, the flexible girl does the knee-elbow leg ups, the half squats and the toe-heel stretches.

Naked stretching on the floor. The seated side bends (toe touching), the hamstring buttocks bridge (done many times and fucking teasing), the ass raises in the supine nude sport pose, the air leg bicycle (a number of erotic viewpoints) and the supine hamstring stretches are the naked gymnastics exercises by the flexible busty babe, done on the floor. Of course, the naughty sports nude girl does these workouts the most teasing and provoking way (what a poor camera guy!).

Supine hamstring stretches done by a busty sport babe

Sensual teasing nude yoga. As this busty flexible babe is sure that Indian gymnastics done in the buff before the naked sport camera is the most erotic thing invented for seduction, so Carmen does the bridge, the cat-cow, the plow and the shoulderstand nude yoga asanas. Sure, the last posture is advanced – wide legged, close-up and coming with tits touching and so teasing motions that even a straight gymnast girl will turn lesbian sex slut while watching Carmen stretching this way!

Gymnastics naked presentation. Above all, every exercises, done by Carmen, is performed in a nude dancing way. Although this flexible babe moves like an amateur, every motion is passionate and tender at the same time, and it adds the required skill to her naked exercising. Then, the busty sports babe has been touching and caressing herself for all the time, exposing her nude sport boobs and pussy for all this training long. And finally, the flexible girl unleashes her hair and gives you an air kiss in the end!

Spread nude pussy closeup in the elbow crab pose

The best. 1) Sexy dance-like nude sport warming. 2) A number of spread pussy closeups, done in the naked yoga and gymnastics poses on the floor in all viewpoints. 3) The busty sports babe flirts with the nudesports camera! 4) Jumping big boobs of the fitness girl during jogging, nude dancing and jumping. 5) Erotic yoga asanas, coming with self touching. 6) Nude dancing includes ass and hips shaking. 7) Lovely posing in the end of the sports erotica session.

Episode rating: nude gymnastics – 7/10, flexibility – 8/10, erotic dancing – 7/10, activity – 8/10, naked gymnastics x-appeal – 10/10

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