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Flexible nude yoga babe dancing on the knees

I can’t explain why nude dancing is so rare here (real dancers don’t need our attention because draw more than enough of it?). At the same time, we all adore watching naked dancing babes, esp. if they alternate sexy exercises (aerobics, yoga, contortion, gymnastics and even sport pussy toying) with dance pas. So, I am happy to introduce Ekaterina A., a very plastic and flexible petite dancer, whose naked dancing debut is really something terrific!

Vivid nude sport babe. A flexible gymnast girl with thin waist, round ass and small tits. A sex dancer, alternating the most erotic nude dance pas with gymnastics, aerobics and contortion. A female spider, moving mesmerizingly and luring a male spider into its sex nets. A playful kitten, arching its back and frolicking on the floor. A savage flexible girl with curly wild hair, caught for sex and going to dance her freedom out. And so on! Such a unique babe!

Panties removing in a naked gymnastics pose

Dressed stretching and yoga. The first thing you see in this nude gymnastics video is her sports ass, covered with pink nylon and the back in a white tee with a print. The flexible babe does the deep front bend (her ass is before the cam) and performs the alternate body twists. Then the yoga girl shows you the downward facing dog and the cobra – and the one nude yoga asana turns into the other without interruption. Stretching actively and dancing, the sports girl gets rid of the panties and the tee and…

Standing naked gymnastics. It is almost impossible to describe nude dancing, but I’ve tried to do it. I noticed the following naked gymnastics exercises, done by the petite flexible girl – the lower body twists, the bends, the one-legged stand and swings, the hand stand (a naked acrobatics exercise), the scale, the hamstring stretches and an amazing one-legged rotation. As for the nude yoga, the redhead sports girl performs the tree, the king of the dance and the warrior asanas. Every exercise is perfectly done!

Redhead flexible gymnast girl in nude dancing

Nude dancing on the floor. The shoulderstand (an amazing leg naked dance and a top view of the sports pussy), the camel, the bridge and the baby are the nude yoga asanas this flexible babe does while dancing on the floor (yes, it is possible to dance in the knelt, prone and supine poses!). The nudesports girl is also willowy enough to perform the straddle splits, the perfect prone abdominal stretch and some very sexy rolls and arches. Sure, the flexible naked babe doesn’t stop dancing while performing these hot exercises.

The best. 1) Sexy panty stretching and throwing – the sports babe uses her foot for it. 2) From one nude yoga asana to another with turning back to the first posture. 3) Very tiptoed motions – and also very finger-tipped. 4) Provoking naked exercises, done with lower body and belly waves. 5) Hot one-legged rotations (a wow balance skill). 6) A few self caress moments. 7) The flexible nude dancer uses all her limbs at the same time. 8) Nude acrobatics cartwheel. 9) Non-stop motion – does Ekaterina have a built-in perpetum mobile, lol?

Balancing nude dancer with red curly hair

Episode rating: nude gymnastics and yoga – 9/10, flexibility – 9/10, naked dancing – 10/10, activity – 10/10, naked gymnastics x-appeal – 9/10

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