Naked gymnastics balancing and stretching in the fetish boots

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Flexible gymnast girl does the standing splits in the fetish boots

High heels are not a part of sexy gymnastics uniform, and you know why. Yes, we enjoy sports mistresses and their nude special exercises slaves in high heels from time to time. But the pleasure of watching a really professional high-heeled naked gymnastics is still hard to get to us. That’s why Milana F. – this flexible babe in the fetish boots – is so welcomed here on the nude sports blog. And know what? I bet this gymnast girl wouldn’t be so flexible and impressive while being barefoot. The heels make Milana more talented!

Fetish flexible babe. Hiding her nudesport tits (but we have seen them last naked gymnastics time). Showing her contortion pussy in many really sexy flexible positions and overstretches. Balancing in the high-heeled fetish boots and looking born to wear high heels. Playing with her nude gymnastics pussy and buttocks and feeling excited and even ready to stop her naked stretching for much more hardcore things. Blowing our minds with perfect nude yoga and gymnastics. Bravo, Milana.

A prone abdominal stretch by a flexible babe in the high boots

Standing and seated stretching. The supported standing and seated splits, sophisticated with back and front deep nude gymnastics bends, are absolutely must-see exercises by Milana even if you have already seen a lot of the naked gymnastics splits – yes, because of the high-heeled boots. The foot-to-head reach, the deep front bends, the hamstring nudesport stretches and the knelt splits are the naked exercises by Milana you must watch for the same reason. And, of course, because this flexible babe has got talent.

Lying nude gymnastics. The sexiest exercises have been performed by this flexible gymnast girl in the prone, supine and side-lying positions. The nudesport beauty in the fetish boots has done the side-lying leg behind back naked contortion stretch, the splits, the prone abdominal stretches, the plow and the shoulderstand nude yoga asanas (wide-legged) and some other gymnastics and contortion reaches and stretches I would call “a set of the erotic nude gymnastics exercises looking like posing”. Of course, Milana’s boots makes her lying stretching more impressive.

Wide-legged nude gymnastics stretch by a fetish sport girl

Sensual naked stretches. Although this flexible female contortionist doesn’t use any sex toys or her own fingers to bring herself to a nude gymnastics sex ecstasy, Milana looks really able to start masturbating at any time. There are lots of sings of her high excitement in this nudesport show – inviting look-at-my-spread-pussy stretches, ass exposing, self-touching as if accidentally but passionately, etc. Even the high heels of this horny nude gymnast girl are used in such a dirty way that you are ready to see Milana cumming.

The best. 1) The fetish boots with transparent high heels and huge platform. 2) No nude gymnastics tits but lots of the sports pussy in many sexy and even porn views. 3) Naked yoga asanas, performed in the high heels. 4) The impressive and well done set of the nude gymnastics splits – standing, seated, lying, supported and knelt. 5) Heel-to-mouth and other provoking and teasing pranks with the high heels by the horny nude gymnast girl. 6) Many overstretched views of Milana’s pussy.

Fetish gymnast girl does the back-lying naked sport splits

Episode rating: naked gymnastics – 10/10, nude yoga – 9/10, originality – 10/10, sport sex appeal – 9/10

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