Nude Lera on exercise bicycle

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Nude redhead Lera sits on the exercise bicycle during her workout

Cute redheaded Lera has workout with the exercise bicycle today. Lera wears the white shirt and the short skirt. When Lera starts to spread the legs sitting on the exercise bicycle, we notice that she doesn’t wear any panties under the skirt.

So the pussy close-up shots are welcomed here. The redhead girl lifts up the skirt and her shirt, so we can see fine ass and not-so-small boobs. It seems that the skirt is the useless part and Lera takes it off while exercising on the round sport plate.

Then Lera takes the dumbbells and does different stretching exercises with them. Also girl uses some kind of expander, which isn’t familiar to me. During the final phase of the nude workout Lera rides on the exercise bicycle.

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