The cute tension of the first nude fitness and yoga

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Fitness nude sports girl and her jumping tits

Looks like that nasty doctor was too horny to carry out a bit more scrupulous medical fetish exam of our today’s jumping and stretching nude gymnast Natalia E.. This slim cutie is not ready enough to do the erotic exercises free and easy. Or rather, the nudesports babe can do them, but you see shame and even fear in her eyes while watching Natalia’s first naked fitness video. Anyhow, the shy gymnast girl has done a series of embarrassed sport nude exercises – and I have enjoyed them. Join me.

Confused naked sport girl. It seems as the flexible babe is afraid of the doctor’s appearance and repeating of that medical fetish hell she has already traveled thru. Each and every nude exercise has been done by the sports girl with such a visible uneasiness that I think if the examiner would suddenly appear, the naked gymnast could die with a heart attack. But the medical exam lecher was not going to enter and scare the flexible girl – and she stayed alive and kicking. Till the next fetish shoot.

Naked fitness babe exercising with heavy dumbbells

Erotic nude gymnastics. As soon as several warmups in sportswear are done, the flexible girl gets down to a shy stripping and does it really confusedly. As for the naked gymnastics exercises, the bends in all directions (including the deep forward bend), the squats, the nudesport w-l seated leans, the knelt pushups and the leg abductions have been done pretty well for the amateur sports babe but passionlessly (however, with visible excitement and jumpiness).

Naked fitness exercises. Although our sports babes used to do nude jumps on a regular basis, I am (and you are, I bet), missing the gymnastics jumping tits and wanna see them more often. But Natalia gives us so impressive show of the nude sport tits jumping teasingly that you will be satisfied! As for the other fitness naked exercises, the flexible girl works with dumbbells (bends, jumps, arm stretches) and the nudesport skipping rope (leaps, bends) in a rather active mode.

Deep w-l front bend by a flexible nude sport girl

Sensual nude yoga. The bridge (with wide-spread pussy), the bow (wide-legged) and the tiger naked yoga asanas have been showed by the flexible girl to us. Of course, we have enjoyed much impressive sets of the nude yoga postures. At the same time, Natalia is still under impression from the medical fetish exam and unable to relax enough to show us more naked yoga. I hope this sports girl will demonstrate the other sexy and sensual Indian gymnastics nude asanas next time!

The best. 1) Shy sports clothes dropping and tits hiding at the beginning of the naked gymnastics show and pretty sexy and explicit posing (squatted and supported) in the end. 2) Well done nude fitness exercises with dumbbells and perfectly performed high jumps. 3) W-l naked yoga bow and bridge. 4) A few very erotic moments, when the flexible babe poses like an absolutely confident and hot sex star.

Hard nude yoga bow asana by an amateur sport babe

Episode rating: nude fitness and yoga – 8/10, flexibility – 7/10, activity – 8/10, naked gymnastics x-appeal – 8/10

Watch Natalia do nude jumps, bends, stretches and other exercises at in her first naked gymnastics movie!

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