When ballet shoes simply embellish a nude gymnast

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Nude yoga shoulderstand with a bent knee

If a flexible girl is dressed as a ballerina (a skirt, the ballet shoes) but only does gymnastics and yoga exercises, is this beauty a ballet dancer? Yes, she is – at times. And we’ve already seen a few jumping high and back arching hard nude ballerinas in training and show. But what about today’s busty gymnast Murka Krasnaja, doing the shoulderstand in the ballerinas? Does this flexible nude babe just like wearing such shoes? Or maybe this fan of nude yoga and acrobatics is also a real ballet dancer? Let’s clarify!

Beautiful flexible gymnast. Smiley and very sexy. Talented but not haughty. Curvy but nudesports bendy enough to impress us. Trying to demonstrate her amazing gymnastics body from the best naked yoga and acrobatic sides. And doing many other gym erotic things, making her first but very impressive show one of the best nude gymnastics performances ever seen by us. This sports babe is talented not only in stretching, of course!

Naked ballerina balancing in a supine w-l pose

Upright naked stretching. A transparent skirt and no panties. And the ballerina shoes. Today’s flexible gymnast babe looks so erotic in this get-up esp. while doing a set of nude exercises in the standing position – active leg stretch, the headstand (wide-legged) and upright naked gymnastic splits. Being absolutely nude, the sports babe also performs the deep front bend in the end in this pose.

Hot nude balancing. A high gymnastics chair is Murka’s hot lover for today – or rather a supporter and a helper of this naked sports babe in her erotic muscles training and sexy balance exercising. Active nude gymnastics leg stretching (upright and seated), supine wide-legged balance, exercises for abs and crotch muscles, lying naked sports splits (w-l variant also) – this set of balance exercises is almost the best part of Murka’s show, imho.

Active leg stretch by a naked flexible gymnast

Wide-legged nude yoga. Boring classic Indian gymnastics asanas are not for this flexible babe – she wants to impress you with the sexiest nude yoga postures. What does the sexiest mean? Of course, wide-legginess, hot top viewpoints, amazingly shaking nude sports boobs and many other gymnastic sweeties. As for the asanas, the yoga naked babe does the shoulderstand, the king pigeon, the wheel and the plow asanas. Very must-seely!

The best. 1) The first naked exercises in the skirt and the ballerinas (yes, gymnastics no panties upskirt here!). 2) Very passionate and even risky nude sports balancing. 3) The hand stand with spread legs. 4) The wide-legged and knee-bent naked yoga asanas mixed with self touching. 5) Awe-inspiring view of the gymnastics big tits in the yoga and acrobatics nude positions.

Yoga nude plow asana by a flexible babe

Episode rating: naked gymnastics – 9/10, nude yoga and balancing – 10/10, originality – 9/10, sport sex appeal – 10/10

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