Good in hula-hooping, great in nude yoga and gymnastics

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Nude contortion scale with a hula-hoop

It only looks easy to do nude gymnastics with hula-hoop, keeping it rotating round your waist as long as you want. In reality…just try to keep it rotating for a few minutes. That’s why every time I hit on a flexible babe, able to manage a hula-hoop and doing it really well, I can’t stop watching her work so hard. Esp. if she has got a pair of nice bubbies and is really gifted in gymnastics – like today’s debutante Jaroslava Buben!

Nude flexible gymnast. I am not sure what the “Buben” means (it first appeared as “bubby” for me), but if I am right and it is a tambourine, this flexible gymnast girl has chosen the right pseudonym for the nudesport scene. Because when the female contortionist and naked yoga girl does gymnastics under the jingle of her hoop, it seems you are really hearing a tambourine! But maybe it means bubby…

Flexible gymnast girl with a hoop stretches her leg

Awesome nude sport stands. Above all, I want you to get amazed with the gymnastics and naked contortion stands this sports babe has performed. The one-legged a la goblet posture, the scale, the hand stand (sophisticated with nude gymnastic split), the elbow pose and simple posing with the hula-hoop are the amazing naked sport stands you will see in Jaroslava’s first show.

Sexy naked gymnastics. Hula-hooping is not everything the flexible babe performs to demonstrate her nude gymnastics skill. You will also enjoy the active stretch, the straddle and front splits, the nude sport side and supine leg stretch and spread and a few other eye-catching gymnastics naked exercises. Of course, the hoop is in the hands and next to the flexible gymnast girl!

W-l lying nude exercises with a hula-hoop

Must-see nude yoga. Why must you see the set of Indian naked gymnastics asanas done by this beauty? It is hard to find another flexible babe who does the main nude yoga postures as well and properly as Jaroslava! The king of the dance (also with jumps!), the half and full bow, the wheel (also an elbow var.), the boat, the shoulderstand, the camel, the king pigeon and the bound angle yoga naked asanas have been really must-see done!

The best. 1) Nude hula-hooping is really professional and spectacular. 2) Contortion naked stands and bends, done with easiness. 3) Very properly done nude yoga asanas – a real masterclass by the sexy flexible girl. 4) All naked exercises are preformed with the hula-hoop or next to it – and no mistakes are made! 5) Hot nudesports closeups, revealing everything Jaroslava, though, doesn’t hide.

Nude yoga half bow pose with a hoop

Episode rating: naked gymnastics and contortion – 10/10, nude yoga – 10/10, originality – 8/10, sport sex appeal – 10/10

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