Fabulous Hungarian nude acrobatics, yoga and gymnastics

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One-legged naked yoga wheel

I ain’t sure how name of our today’s nude contortion star – Ravasz Roka should be spelled. But I’m sure this blonde flexible babe is able to perform the most breathtaking gymnastics and nude acrobatics exercises I’ve ever seen. What? You can’t believe? Okay, maybe I’m too exaggerating her talents, but you must forgive me as my mind is really tied up into an amazing nude gymnastics knot and the reason is Ravasz’s talent!

Hungarian gymnast girl. Tight tanned body, juicy nice boobs (100% natural), muscular ass and hips, absolutely hairless intimate spots. Almost perfect balance skill, above average nude acrobatics talent and excellent balance ability. And long blonde hair, touching Ravasz’s nude sport ass (and even getting squeezed between its cheeks while this female contortionist does the wheel!). Enough? No? Ok, let’s continue.

A straddle split by a blonde flexible babe

Non nude exercises. Wearing a pink flex contortion bra and white leggings (hello, admirers of this tight nylon clothing), Ravasz presents you her flexible gymnastics body and smiles on you teasingly. The female contortionist does the straddle split and a few bends while being dressed and the best moment of this short gymnastics presentation is the hottest sport cameltoe of this blonde gymnast girl!

Sexy naked gymnastics. As Ravasz must demonstrate some nude gymnastics stances, so you will see this flexible babe 1) bent into the side-lying leg behind head pose, 2) with wide spread legs in the straddle split and the seated poses (nude gymnastics on the stools), 3) doing the deep front leans and 4) having her leg raised high in the scale naked gymnastics pose. Satisfied? Still no?

Wide-legged nude yoga plow stand

Nude acrobatic stances. As Ravasz has got strong arm and chest muscles in addition to her bendy nude contortion back and stretchy legs, so this flexible girl performs a few naked acrobatic stands – hand, chest, elbow – spreading her legs wide while being in these holds. And this nude girl-acrobat knows how to bend and stretch her legs so that you stop breathing while watching her naked acrobatics video!

Erotic nude yoga. The Indian gymnastics postures, performed by this Hungarian flexible babe, are well-done and very erotic as she does them completely nude and her hair is sliding along her naked sport body (you remember). Ravasz does the king of the dance (naked, in panties and non-nude), the classic wheel, the one-legged bridge and the original plow nude yoga asanas. Yes, it is enough, of course!

Nude contortion girl in a seated wide-legged pose

Episode rating: naked gymnastics and contortion – 9/10, nude acrobatics – 10/10, originality – 6/10, sport sex appeal – 10/10

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