The excellent splits by non-nude contortion gymnast

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Female contortionist Tella does the frontal split

Many of us use sofa for watching TV, but some girls, esp. as flexible as our today’s debutant Tella, are able to turn sofa into a real stage to perform the hottest contortion show in your life. Although she isn’t daring enough to take her clothes off, Tella doesn’t need to be nude to sex you up. See for yourself!

Tella is in a super mini dress, and you can see her side-boobs and perfect sexy legs. She’s on a sofa and looking like a lazy pussy cat, waiting for you to bend her back enjoying your tender touches. Lying in prone position, she starts backbending and tries to reach her head by feet. After this, the flexible gymnast takes the one-knee-stand and lifts her leg, keeping it straightened and then Tella brings it behind the back. Just during this leg show you can see how breathtakingly perfect her legs are.

Contortion babe Tella backbending

Then Tella changes the legs and does the same, from lifting to stretching. She looks so sexy keeping her leg raised high and showing all the yummiest curves of her sweet body! After this, the contortion babe performs the frontal split, bending back and touching the hip with her hair. Then she turns and does the frontal split again.

Looks like Tella adores doing the splits, because she does one more split one floor, holding her leg on the sofa i.e. she has performed the oversplit. But it’s time for the straddle split, and Tella does it free and easy. Moreover, after the lying frontal split, she does the straddle one again, being in the back-shoulder stand. Wow! She has got the legs of my dream, definitely!

Beautiful gymnast Tella shows her sexy legs

Tella continues the flex contortion show on the floor, doing the frontal backbend. Oh these super flexible babes, they are able to see their pussies from so extreme points of view! Just look how bendy Tella is!.. Our today’s contortion star ends up on the sofa, lying on the back and keeping her legs straightened over her head. Then she moves them apart and brings the head in between her mind-blowing legs…

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