Hot brunette doing nude yoga exercises

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Flexible brunette sits in lotus pose

This hot brunette Faina N. got great combo of strength and flexibility – she proves it with today’s NudeSportVideos set. The girl wears the red top shirt and black shorts.

The brunette starts the naked workout with the push-ups. Shortly after the beginning of the workout, Faina takes off the red shirt. She has strong arms. The hot girl shows that her abdominals are strength enough with the crunches exercises (she performs both classical and with the twisting body ones).

Then the girl stands on the floor and does toes touches and hamstring stretching exercises. Faina shows great flexibility with the King of Dance pose from the nude yoga program.

The hot brunette performs king of dance posture

This flexible brunette also performs more nude yoga postures: the one-legged standing pose, some splits, the lotus posture, the shoulderstands, the bridges.

Brunette girl puts her leg over head

The girl doesn’t stop to perform different nude yoga postures. My bad, I don’t know the names for some of these poses. If you know how the posture on the picture above is called, please let me know in the comments section.

Watch this 35 mins nude yoga exercises video featuring sexy Faina inside the NudeSportVideos site.

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