Nude workout with body bar, fitness ball and dumbbells

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Nude brunette Nastya working with dumbbells

Nastya got a chance to have solo workout inside the real gym. She won’t suffer from the loneliness because this brunette likes to do exercises totally nude. Nastya begins the exercises with the hamstring stretches and the side bends. Then the girl takes the green dumbbells and does standing presses and hands stretching exercises. The dumbbells isn’t the one kind of equipment in the gym, so Nastya make tries with different stuff – e.g. the body bar, which is used for twists and forward bends. The fitness ball is also used for the side bends. The forward bends with the hands put on the fitness ball are very erotic and show the slim figure of Nastya!

Nude girl does the plow posture

The leg lifts and stretches, the groin stretching exercises and the hamstring stretches are the exercises performed on the floor in the second part of the nude workout. Nastya shows us the elements of nude yoga with the shoulderstands, bridges, the plow posture and hamstring-buttocks bridges. The girl really liked the fitness ball and she also does the pushups with her legs on the green ball. We can see the nice round ass of Nastya when she does exercises with the parallel bars.

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