Nude exercises with the fitness ball

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Nude Polina has fitness session in the gym

Today’s workout takes place at gym, where nude girl Polina does stretching exercises totally nude! Girl begins the workout with the toes touches and sitting hamstring stretches. Polina does all the moves with accuracy and attention.
Then she switches to the twists, chest stretching exercises and side bends. After it, there’re some pussy close up shots which are the chance for us to see how the twat looks like during the workout.

Nude Polina exercising with the body bar

Then Polina takes the fitness ball and does forward and side bends with it. There’s other equipment in the gym and the sporty girl takes the dumbbells and does biceps curls and presses with them. This workout includes much more exercises with different equipment – the girl also uses the body bar for bends and twists. I cannot describe all of the moves – they’re various and simply there’re many of them!

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