From medical fetish exam to outdoor lesbian army workup

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Nude army babe digging the sand with a shovel

Although teen body of smooth Kate L. is still under impression from detailed military physical exam, this young army foot girl is forced to pass thru the next martial ordeal – lesdom army training outdoors. A strict lesbian sergeant, a humble army teen girl, an empty beach and…you – doesn’t this sound awfully must-watch?

Blonde teen soldier. Kate is pretty sophisticated in lesbian sex and sports (at least, she thinks so), but this teen babe is afraid of military perverts (all kinds of them, from doctors to sergeants). But who cares? Today Kate is an army babe, forced to execute the commands of her lesbian army officer – and Kate does it obediently, dreaming of the end of this outdoor military training.

Outdoor nude squats by a military girl

First nasty commands. Above all, the lesbian sergeant and her today’s foot-girl have performed jogging in camouflage. The heavy boots and uniform Kate has put on make this army teen girl move slowly but she must do a few exercises in cammies before getting naked. Okay, the young military girl does them all! Then the lesbian army officer makes Kate get naked and the girl follows this order.

Naked sports exercises. Being nude and enjoying the sun and the breeze at this sandy beach, the army girl feels ready to perform the hardest naked workouts. The plies, the leg ups, the press-ups, the front bends, running in place and some other nude exercises have been done by dutiful Kate during this phase of military training.

Steeplechasing nude army babe

Army special workouts. The next set of this monkey drill on the beach includes the series of special army nude exercises, such as the jumps with a shovel, steeplechase, race with a digger, seal crawling under the ropes, sand digging, retrenching, grenade tossing, etc. So, as you can see, the young lesbian army girl works hard to avoid punishment. But she gets punished!

Military humiliation. Despite the diligence and obedience of this young army babe, her lesbian military officer does the nastiest things with Kate. The teen army girl has never felt as awfully humiliated and fucked-up as she has at this outdoor military training. The reason of this cruelty? The lesbian sergeant just wanted to polish up her lesdom skill! She has nothing against Kate…

Nude military babe creeping under the ropes

Episode rating: military training – 10/10, army lesdom – 7/10, soldier’s obedience – 9/10, military fetish – 8/10, emotionality – 7/10

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