Naughty naked gymnast gets put on leash

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Trainer Julia restrains her disobedient nude trainee Oksana using a training collar in this free movie gallery.

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Female trainer Julia orders her nude trainee to lift weight. Oksana does the special exercises with dumbbells, and her trainer corrects the trainee. As soon as Julia stops training, Oksana starts lifting the dumbbells wrong.

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Special exercising with dumbbells is still on. The naked obedient girl isn’t so obedient – Oksana does the arm lifts with the dumbbells passionlessly and incorrectly. The trainer pushes her and gives a slap on her face.

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The crunches by nude Oksana ends up the special exercises workout. The nude trainee does many other exercises, being in Julia’s order, but you’ll see the full movie only at If you read my review of Special Exercises, you’ll know what kind of content is waiting for you inside.

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